3 Common mistakes made in writing informal letters by Senior High School (SHS) students during WASSCE

3 Common mistakes made in writing informal letters by Senior High School (SHS) students during WASSCE

According to a recent survey, the majority of students especially Ghanaian students in the various SHS prefer to write informal letters than would write formal letters, but regardless of that they still make some of these basic mistakes even during WASSCE.

An informal letter is a letter written to persons or people whom we are very familiar with and possibly could also be within our age bracket or generation. Examples of such letters include those written to close family friends, school mates, church friends, wives, husbands and many more.




common mistakes made SHS students in informal letters during WASSCE

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Wrong address, is one of the mistakes SHS students make in informal letters during WASSCE

Some students are fond of writing their names on top of the address, a practice that doesn’t conform to WASSCE standards. In addition, some may also choose to write just one name of the school first and on the next line, they would add the remaining words. Some also have the habit of either not adding the name of their country when the letter is going outside the country.


Some also interchange the positions of the towns, bringing the suburb rather last instead of presenting it before the larger town, region or district. See examples below:

Priscilla Aboagye,                                 OR                                    Mawuli      

Ghana National College SHS                                                     Senior High School,

P.O. BOX 32,                                                                                   Ho, Volta Region

Ghana, Accra.

If you are used to writing your address like the above, then you are throwing more marks away.

Wrong tense

One thing that students often struggle with is the use of wrong tenses. Sometimes, as a result of exams pressure or several other factors including limited understanding of the topic “tenses,” some students make these basic errors.

Example: He didn’t only get injure, but he also fail the fitness test.

The correct sentence must be: He didn’t only get injured but he also failed the fitness test.

Errors in comparative structures

Sometimes, we want to use comparative forms or structures in our informal letters, but we are unable to use them properly.

Eg: Jennifer is beautiful than Mary….

This is wrong because it has no element of comparison in it. So the correct answer is…

Jennifer is more beautiful than Mary.


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