Achimota SHS : Lawyer for Rastafarian boys praises Judges

George Tetteh Wayo, Lawyer of the Rastafari Council of Ghana, has showered praises of Her Ladyship GIFTY Adjei following her verdict of the case of the Rastafarians against the Board of Governors of Achimota School, the Ghana Education Service, Ministry of Education and the Attorney General.


He says that the verdict of Her Ladyship Gifty Adjei has written her name in the legendary status and with gold. The Lawyer compared her to former First Lady of the United States, Eleanor Roosevelt, who was also a human right activist, and Mary Robertson, former president of Ireland and former human rights high commissioner.

“That is the pedigree the human right high court judge has just in the moment catapulted herself.


According to him, human rights are human rights and are found everywhere such as our schools, our homes, and our work places, and until consented efforts are made by citizens who agree and understand to protect such human rights, we will struggle out there and never achieve it.


“Her Ladyship has made it simple that human rights are human rights and there should be a justifiable reason to limit fundamental human rights. As she said, the respondents have not proven that compelling reason for the rights of the student to his religion and education to be limited.

The final verdict of the case has also exited some Ghanaians who expressed their joy and applause on social media. Under an Instagram post concerning the verdict, @sammycrow2003 commented: “We are now growing as a democratic country and a civilized nation


@healeworld76 also wrote: “The laws of any land trump any localized regulation. Good job to the court for working..”


Others however disagree to the outcome of the verdict and claim that it may not be good for ‘discipline’.


@richlove_catchy wrote: “You look at the generation we are breeding that rules and regulations can be changed for them at any time…if cutting of hair is a big deal to a student under 18 then what happens if a bigger challenge happens in the future…Corruption starts now….Self discipline starts now…Ayooooo”


@fiifibarnor also commented: “So what happens to school rules? should they be thrown away because of ‘human rights’? This fight is not over. Otherwise,discipline is gone and students will dress anyhow in the name of human rights”

This follows the situation of Oheneba Kwaku Nkrabea and Tyron Marhguy who were both denied admission to the Achimota Senior High School because they are Rastafarians, even though they had met the academic qualifications that is required for admission.


The school insisted that they would admit these students only on the condition that they kept their hair on a low-cut. This resulted in Oheneba Kwaku Nkrabea ‘dragging’ Achimota School, the Board of Governors of Achimota School, the Ghana Education Service, Ministry of Education and the Attorney General to court, praying the Human Rights Division of the High Court to compel Achimota School to admit him for the purposes of his education.


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