Astrazeneca vaccines will reduce the stress of Covid-19 on the health sector – Dr James Prah

Astrazeneca vaccines will reduce the stress of Covid-19 on the health sector – Dr James Prah

The Deputy Director of the University Health Services, Dr James Prah, has revealed that Covid-19 has brought a lot of stress on the health sector, but the arrival of the Oxford AstraZeneca vaccines it will reduce the stress Covid-19 is putting on the health sector.

The recent advent of the unexpected health assailant, Covid-19, has brought a lot of health implications to the system. However, Dr Prah stated that it is going to be very useful since vaccines according to him is one of the best means of public interventions.

“Ever since I moved into public health I have come to realize that vaccines are one of the best things that happened to us. There is a possibility that had it not been these vaccines, in our part of the world, we would have been wiped out of the world. Even as a result of vaccines, children are no longer dying from these childhood diseases” he added.

Dr Prah also demystified the notion of the uncertainties that are associated with the AstraZeneca virus while he appeared on the Atlantic Wave show on ATL FM in Cape Coast. He also added that the main essence of vaccines is to reduce death, reduce transmission and reduce the severity of the disease.

“The essence of the vaccines is to reduce transmission, the severity, hospitalization and even the number of deaths that the virus can cause. If the vaccines have the ability to reduce the severity and transmission of the disease, then it is beneficial. Assuming we’ve gotten to the stage that you can get it and still not feel ill or even transmit it, wouldn’t that help us to return back to normalcy gradually? he asked.

Dr James Prah further added that the Astrazeneca vaccine boosts your immune system to help one to combat the virus and it is one of the vaccines that can be administered to anyone within the eligible level without test to determine whether you have the virus or not because it drastically reduces the severity in a person.

In is view, it would eventually reduce the number of people who would be admitted and also the number of severe cases that puts a strain on our health sector.



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