Domestic violence can also occur in school – Ag Regional Director, CHRAJ

Domestic violence can also occur in school – Ag Regional Director, CHRAJ

The acting Central Regional Director of the Commission on Human Rights and Administrative Justice (CHRAJ) Mr Theophilus Tetteh Tuwor has revealed that domestic violence does not occur in romantic or domestic relationships only, but could also occur in schools.

Usually, the understanding of domestic violence could be interpreted as a violent situation or a situation involving a man and a woman who are either married or are in a romantic relationship.

domestic violence school

Pupils could cause domestic violence at school

However, speaking with the host of the Atlantic Wave show on Cape Coast-based, ATL FM, Mr Tetteh Tuwor revealed that domestic violence does not just involve people in a relationship but could involve a situation where one whom we are familiar with regardless of the location or relationship does anything to infringe upon your rights.


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Mr Tuwor emphasized that sometimes some little things we do in a school could be classified as domestic violence.

Domestic violence occurs at a place where people interact, so it is not necessarily a situation where a man beats a woman either his girlfriend or wife only. It can be co-tenants, it can be blood relations, in-laws, house helps etc, or even in schools. For instance, even at school, domestic violence can occur. Teachers tell students that they are good for nothing, they are block headed and you laugh over it. Or even somebody is reading and slips and you laugh at the person. This surely can make the person quit school out of the pain emotionally and the feeling of dignity being derailed.


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Interestingly, Mr Tuwoh also indicated that domestic violence can happen when usually there is a power play. According to him, each there is a power play, the lesser person feels very powerless and may feel hurt inwardly or physically.

He, therefore, recounted the situation of a nursing mother who complained over her partner’s attitude and as a result denied the nursing mother for a week. According to him, this is all tantamount to domestic violence on the grounds of power play.


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