How to use social media to develop yourself as a student

How to use social media to develop yourself as a student

One of the major things that has become quite a companion to everyone including students is social media, yet it seems this new medium of communication is not used by many a student to develop their potentials.

The presence of social media became quite popular especially in the Sub African region in the late nineties when social media apps like hi-five, chat room, palmchat popped up. This was then followed by the emergence of facebook in the early 2000’s then giving way to a plethora of social media sites like whatsapp, telegram, Instagram to mention many but a few.

how social media can help develop a student

However, the big question that is often a source of worry to many young ones includes how can a student use social media to develop him or herself.

Well, if you feel guilty about it then you are not alone, but how do you social media to the fullest if you are a student?

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Why Use Social Media?

In the beginning, social media was a means to keep in touch with a group of people who were scattered across geographical barriers. This was usually limited to young college-going students.

Now, social media plays a much bigger role in society, where it is utilised by corporations and governments for business as well as administrative and political purposes. For example, the Department of Homeland Security collects data from social media profiles of potential immigrants to evaluate and categorise their process.

The power of social media extends well across high schools circles nowadays and plays a major part in our everyday social processes.

  1. It helps to identify and nurture ideas for a bigger audience
  2. It helps create trends and analytical observations out of them
  3. It helps to direct online traffic towards your brand
  4. It helps to market and maximise the reach of your brand, thus maximizing its market potential

Use social media as a student to networking and develop yourself

One of the things that many social media fail to do is use social media to network for jobs and links in various corporate organizations. Among social media platforms, Facebook leads when it comes to networking in comparison with Twitter or LinkedIn. Facebook has a far wider reach among friends, co-workers and colleagues when compared to these websites. A friend on Facebook might be on the lookout for a business partner while you might be looking for some independence to work with your skillset.

Justin, who had a job at a very huge financial firm relates how he had his first major job.

“I remember when I was about to complete school at the university I met one man on Linkedin and he offered me the opportunity to do an internship at his firm. Lo and behold I was given the opportunity to do my national service and through that I am now with this huge firm”.

Be conscious with your associations

One of the dangers that come with social media is wrong association. Sometimes, a lot of these girls end up showing their nudity to strangers all in the name of social media. Hence, it is very advisable to check out the following.

  1. Whom am I chatting with?
  2. How well do I know you to get personal with you?
  3. To what extent should I get personal with someone on social media?
  4. Must I tell social media friends what I am up to on a regular basis?

All in all, social media is a good tool, but if it is used well, it could be of immense benefit.


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