IEC marking delays causing fear and panic at the Ghana School of Law

For the first time in so many years, fear and anxiety has gripped some section of students at the Ghana School of Law as there is an alleged delay in the marking process of the Independent Examinations Committee (IEC).


According to some of the anxious students, the IEC seem not to have timelines and a blueprint for the whole examination process unlike what is seen in other academic institutions.


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Some of the students are however of the view that sometimes the IEC delays a lot in marking and releasing their results after the examinations are written and this sometimes also culminates into some unpardonable errors in the final results.


“When examination results are finally released, they are riddled with several errors such as transpositional errors, arithmetic errors and situations where results of some students are swapped for others and in some cases omission of students who passed from the Pass List” some students cried out.



Some students from the Ghana School of Law continued to complain that the IEC and its mode of operations make it a huge challenge for students to also plan their academic lives.


“Due to the current state of affairs, students are unable to plan their academic lives. For instance, it took the IEC over 9 months to release results from applications for remarking. This is contrary to the 5 weeks timeline in the student’s handbook” an aggrieved student mentioned.


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Another student also lamented the situation “The inability of the IEC to release results timeously has led to the following injustices perpetuated on students: Successful students who should have been called to the bar in December 2020 could not be called and had to be called in May 2021 thereby delaying their call for 5 months.

“The delay in the release of the results of remarking through no fault of the students has also adversely affected continuing students who have been prevented from taking their Part 2 Professional examinations later this month(June 2021). Affected students will have to wait a whole year to take their Part 2 exams. The students view this as a grave injustice. Again, the results of supplementary examinations conducted for about 70 students in March this year is yet to be released. Students wonder why it will take the examination body so long to mark and release their results.”


She stressed: “This uncertainty has resulted in a situation where students who are unsure of their fate have to reregister for the June 2021 examinations at a whopping fee of GHC 750 per paper in October 2021”.
The students who spoke to the media on condition of anonymity called on the Chief Justice and the General Legal Council and the relevant stakeholders to reconstitute the IEC to ensure efficiency and timeliness.
Attempts by the media to obtain a reaction to the claims from the Ghana School of Law have been unsuccessful.



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