Leadership of CHASS calls for more furniture in schools amidst first years reopening

Leadership of CHASS calls for more furniture in schools amidst first years reopening

The leadership of the Conference of Assisted Secondary Schools (CHASS) is calling on the Ghana Education Service and the Ministry of Education to ensure that all schools are supplied with adequate furniture to ensure that academic activities of the first-year students who have started arriving in the various senior High Schools enjoy their schooling.

Various Senior High Schools have started reopening to admit first-year students, but the leadership of CHASS is worried that the huge numbers that would be reporting and the probability that the furniture present may not be enough to accommodate them.

leadership of CHASS calls for furniture


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The government as part of efforts to end the double-track system embarked on some infrastructural projects but CHASS says after completion, they are yet to receive furniture to ensure a smooth academic process in various schools.

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Alhaj A. B. Yacoub Abubakar, the National President of CHASS, urged the government to rectify this.

“As a result of the new classrooms that were constructed for us, as a result of the new dormitories, we need furniture and beds to occupy those places to allow the students to use them when they come to school,” he said.

He also called on the National Food Buffer Stock Company to ensure all schools are provided with enough food supplies.


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“We have had some challenges where schools have to move from their schools to a point to receive their food items. We think that is not right.”

“We are saying that buffer stock should ensure that the food items reach their respective schools and then the schools receive them in their stalls and use them to feed the students as is expected,” he added.

Schools only resumed physical academic activity in January 2021 after a 10-month break brought on by the coronavirus.

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