Libraries; Essential instrument for developing desirable study habits – LAG

Mr Mathaias Tulasi, The CEO of  Literacy Ambassadors Ghana has reiterated that libraries are essential instruments for developing desirable study habits in students.


He said it is very unfortunate to note that although policymakers are increasingly focusing on the quality of education and school learning environments;  as a country, we only have a piecemeal approach to investing in library infrastructure adding that literacy cannot be talked about without a library since it has become an essential instrument for developing desirable study habits in students.


“All the children gathered here, have great ambitions and aspirations to become teachers, nurses, lawyers, doctors, engineers, scientists, surveyors, journalists, accountants, contractors, politicians. How is that possible? The fact remains that if all pupils can read and understand, they will all be able to do very well in all the subjects that are taught at school”  he said.


He added that;  stakeholders are not giving their utmost best to help the education sector in the country and this will affect the development of the country as well.


There are a lot of basic schools in the country but the question has been how many such schools have a library? On that note, I would like to recommend that government school projects yet to be built should come with a library component if we are committed to investing in the future of the younger generation.


Mr.  Mathaias Tulasi who said this at a reading festival held in Somanya at Somanya  Methodist JHS added that parents are also adding to the woes by not providing reading and writing materials for their wards, adding “many parents are not helping their children to learn how to read at home but they are very interested in watching TV programs with them.


This is very sad because it is distracting and destroying their future. The television is a good tool but most parents do not know how to use it in teaching their children”.


He asked parents to understand that reading is the key to learning and they should make conscious efforts in promoting reading among children at home especially reading aloud to them.


Parents should also invest more in interesting storybooks for their children on their birthdays instead of their usual biscuits, toffees and beverages.


Pregnant women should also make it a point to read aloud to their unborn babies during the second trimester which is the 6th  month of pregnancy till they give birth because it has great benefits for the unborn child.


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