South Korea surpasses Ghana in Gross Tertiary Enrolment – Educational Minister reveals

The Minister of Education, Dr. Yaw Adutwum has noted that South Korea whom we used to perform better in the 1960’s in terms of per capita income has now surpassed Ghana in Gross Tertiary Enrolment.


Dr. Yaw Osei Adutwum who was speaking at an inauguration of a 5-year strategic plan for Takoradi Technical University, TTU,  in Takoradi mentioned that in Ghana, our  Gross Tertiary Enrolment Ratio is 18.8. However, during the 1960’s we were better of than South Korea but today they have invested heavily in their education sector hence now they have reached 93.6%  tertiary enrolment.

South Korea overcomes ghana gross tertiary enrolment

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“One country that we were better off than in 1960 in per capita income, thus South Korea which invested heavily in education all the way to tertiary now has a Tertiary Enrolment Ratio of 93.6“ he mentioned.


Launching the GHS120 million strategic plan together with a TTU Endowment Fund and a Special Disability support initiative, the Minister of Education said TTU is on the right path with the strategic plan as a Technical University that has so far exceeded the national STEM target.


He also noted that he was excited about that especially as TTU happens to be one of the few technical universities that have exceeded in the STEM projects because it was a project that was initiated by themselves.


“Today if I look at TTU’s developed strategic plan and the projections of what it wants to do, it excites me on several fronts because it is a voluntary activity that nobody told them what to do. Again, Takoradi Technical University happens to be one of the few universities that have actually exceeded the STEM to humanities ratio” he added.


He also revealed that the government’s strategy of STEM of having about 60% STEM to 40% humanities is now about 39% STEM to 61% humanities now, but TTU has done much better in that regard.


All this time, we have been talking about having 60% STEM to 40% humanities which at the national level is about 39% STEM to 61% humanities now, but TTU is at 80% STEM to 20% humanities. So you’re truly making giant strides and if you go on in that direction, you will become a good example to other universities”, he said.

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