3 ways to survive  on a small amount of money within a month on campus

3 ways to survive on a small amount of money within a month on campus

Sometimes education can be stressful especially when there is no money, and that is why as unpleasurable as it is, you would have to learn to survive on a small amount of money on campus.

Financial stress and challenges are like rainfall, it doesn’t only hit the roof of one person but hits the roof of all. The level of challenges or leaks would therefore depend on how strong one’s roof is.

Therefore, the huge question that bothers a lot of students who may not be fortunate to come from homes that have a lot would either be under the hand of borrowing and accruing debts. However, there are things that can be done to improve one’s quality of life on campus.

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   1. Budget your monthly stipend

Usually in Ghana or Africa, once you are not gainfully employed and you are in school, your parents or guardians would make financial provisions for you on a monthly basis. However, sometimes these funds given to you can be quite little to give you that cushion of support for more extravagant spending.

In this regard, the first thing that would need to be done is to create a budget. Ordinarily, every student knows the chunk of his or her major channels of spending. Create a budget depending on the most useful things you often spend on, i.e food, transportation, academic documents, utilities (depending on your level and where you stay) and for females sanitary products.

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If you are able to create the budget and spend within the budget it would aid you to save more for future use and even establish yourself after school.



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    2. Do not spend above your strength

Usually, there is that temptation to spend just like your friends who may have alternative means of living lavishly either because their parents give them enough, or some may have other ways to get what they want, hence their spending habit.

On the other hand, if you are withing the category that cannot live that lifestyle, don’t be perturbed. Life does not end as it started. Life changes along the line, hence being in school is a means to expand your horizon in life and aim for a better life that could one day afford you may be more than the normal or ordinary life you wish to enjoy.

In view of this, spend within your frame. Purchase things that would last long but at quite a cheaper price so that you do not spend money on repairs frequently or having to buy another one which also requires another financial commitment, something that cripples your financial life on campus.

      3. Always buy in bulk and enjoy homemade meals if you want to survive on small money on campus

To really survive the scare of the financial crisis on campus, it is very expedient to buy some basic things in bulk and try and prepare some basic and simple nutritious meals on your own. On the various campus, it is great and easy to buy meals from fast food joints, but the truth is for someone who is taking a paltry sum of money as a monthly support fee from home, buying food which may sometimes be unwholesome to your body on a regular basis, may not be an expedient decision made by such a person.

However, always try to cook on your own, buy basic things in bulk and you would be able to enjoy a virtually financial free life where you do not have to worry about how much you are giving at the end of the month.

All in all, these are things that are not exhaustive hence one should consider these things and apply them.

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