Abena Korkor disappointed over her “CHOPPING” list trending stories in the media

Abena Korkor has shown her disappointment and expressed worry over how the media decided to make her list of “CHOPPING” encounters with some of the celebrities trend rather than other pertinent issues she also addressed in her video.


Abena Korkor, who spoke for nearly two hours was disappointed that the alleged Chopping list had rather gained prominence in the media space and got people’s attention with the attendant responses being things that were not so positive.


Abena Korkor Drops of men who were chopping her and disappointed


In the said video, she spoke of her childhood traumas, her relapse and other things she deemed important but was saddened by the media’s focus, especially that of the bloggers who made a huge meal out of her relationship escapades.


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“….I spoke for two hours about a myriad of topics…my childhood traumas, how I relapse and how sometimes I don’t understand what I go through…After all that I said, people had to focus on the unimportant part of the issue….I think there were other issues that people could have focused on….”, she said.


A very disappointed Abena Korkor complained that the bloggers and reporters could have chosen to speak about her story of being her being molested and exploited as a child,  but not her “chopping” series.


She also added that Ghanaian society and the media, in general, has become a shallow one, where people are not interested in what she suffered as a child, but rather how many men she has slept with.


She continues to say that the fabric of society is broken such that people tend to give more attention to sensationalized events rather than important ones.


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She further made claims that she received calls from people including media personalities who called not because they were concerned about how she was faring but to ask her for details about some revelations she made about some celebrities.


She suggested that it would be better if people focus on more important issues in society rather than unimportant ones. She said that since it is known to the public that she has bipolar disorder, people should focus on learning more about it to know whether they or their loved ones could be at risk.


Nana Abena Korkor is a famous Ghanaian television personality who is known to have caused much controversy and commanded much attention on social media. She is known to have caused much attention with her series of episodes of relapse from a bipolar brain disorder.



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