How I lost my husband to his old girlfriend at the market

How I lost my husband to his old girlfriend at the market

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Kwabena and I were the best partners, but someway somehow, I always felt strange. On a usual day, we would do all that we wanted and never feared that it would end up with consequences. For instance, we had decided not to let childbirth sever our fresh marriage excitement and joy, but I sometimes felt I was the mistress in a marriage.

Kwabena seemed the perfect lover and I’d always kill for him. I decided to marry him because he had told me his inside and out, but I never knew the true inner part of Kwabena. He was the open jovial type and even had the nerve to bring home some stray girls and introduce them as his girlfriends and we would laugh over it because I thought I knew my Kobby was never the cheat.

One day, I had taken ill and as sweet as he was, he went to the market and met Regina, an old girlfriend from high school, with whom he had countless come back episodes. When we were off he would date this Regina, and when we made amends, he would let her go till we were finally married.


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Interestingly, I had heard of Regina, but I never had the opportunity to see her face for once. Kobby always did his usual thongs, he brought her home and she prepared some sumptuous Jollof that I admitted that indeed I was not her level when it came to cooking.

I loved how she also cared for me. Never had I been so cared for by any of his female friends before so I opened up to her and told her all about myself and some of the little troubles we found ourselves in.

Indeed she offered practical solutions and after so many months, our marriage felt like it was built on solid rock. However, this was to be short-lived as three months later, he told me that Angy, his friend would love to come to stay with us for a few months so she could finally move to her apartment.

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I foolishly agreed and she came to stay with us. In fact, her presence was a dream come true. All the bad moments I had with Kobby seemed to be over. We all lived like a family. However, I had an issue. It was a big secret I had never told anyone in my entire life that day, I told Angy, as she had been introduced to me.

I had lived a bad life back in the University and I had committed an abortion for Kobby and it came with its own complications. It was a fifty fifty situation as in one of my three abortions for Kobby, my womb got affected.

Because I wanted him to marry me as at then, I didn’t tell him. I kept mute and allowed it to slide like that. However, I was worried when he tells me we should begin having children, it would be problematic so I had to find a way and truth be told, it was affecting me emotionally.

After telling her, things were normal until after four months when she had finally had her accommodation down the street in our neighbourhood. A month after she had Kobby and I started having issues. Kobby had started yearning for babies after a long while.

This led to a huge fight, where out of frustration, I hit him with a hot iron. After he had recovered from the hospital, things became quite fierce again. All was because of this same issue of babies which I wasn’t ready to reveal. Kobby was a reasonable man and he didn’t talk about it after a while.

I was now happy things had gotten normal until I found a message on his WhatsApp chat one evening when he had rushed home from work. He was in such a hurry that we couldn’t talk or give him his usual style. All he told me was that he was late for a meeting.

He dumped everything and went straight to the washroom to freshen up. The number didn’t look familiar as I cross-checked with all the numbers I had on my phone. In the message, they were supposed to meet at a guest house in town.

Interestingly, that guest house was the first guesthouse we had made out outside the matrimonial bed. During my off-campus days, I taught one of the students who was a waiter at the same guest place.

I called to find out more details but he declined to give me any information so I decided to go there and have a look at things for myself. Interestingly, I managed to get to the guest house before my husband who had also had to delay their meeting.  She had provided information about her room number where she was waiting for my husband.

Upon reaching there, I met with my former student who told me that the person, whom I had known as Angy had left here three hours ago.

I was surprised about that so I went back home only to find them naked in the couch having an affair and since then, I blacked out.

It’s been four months all that I have as a remnant of Kobby is an apology letter about the harm he had caused me with regards to childbirth and love and begged for forgiveness for he absconded with Regina, whom he told me in the letter was the same as the holy angel Angy i knew.

If anyone knows the whereabouts of Kobby, kindly let me know.

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