2019 made me realize I was a strong person – MzVee

Popular Ghanaian musician, MzVee has confessed that the year 2019 was a year of self actualization and that has made her realize that she was a strong person.

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Speaking on Accra based TV network, TV3, she stressed that the year 2019 was a year she got to know herself better. She added that some few years ago, about three years ago, she was super depressed, but the year 2019 has taught her a lot of lessons.

Photo Credit (Ben Annang) MZVEE

“For about two years say 2017, 2018, I was super depressed. Super super depressed.” she told Berla Mundi and was asked what made her depressed, she added that “it was just things happening personally and it happened to affect my relationship with work. I think it’s a good thing I went through what i went through because 2019 made me realize that I was a very strong person and it made me realize how confident I am and that I can basically conquer the world”

She added that the depression really affected her work and that made her coil out of her shell even though she is a very private person.

“It affected my relationship at work. I literally pulled away from everyone. You know I am a very private person”.

MzVee left Lynxx entertainment strangely with very little information as to why she parted company with the music record label group.


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