“A note to my sweet poison”,Conspiracy theory. EP.4

EP.3 RECAP: Conspiracy theory in life is not meant only for the strong and economically viable political nations, but could also feature in love issues.

After going through a torrid time and having a narrow escape, it’s time for him to either be brought alive for allegedly murdering the father of his best friend, Jason.

After escaping from that near accident and sustaining gun shot wounds, one would think this is a mere conspiracy theory against him. Wait, what if that is not true at all.

Money making time shattered

The farmer smiles cynically, and attends to him. He also takes a picture of him, but upon looking at the picture, he realizes his battery is down and cannot make any call.

He offers to help him, he lifts him up and smiles warmly towards him, but as they reach closer to the edge of the bush, there is a huge scream from behind as Awo Frema, co incidentally, the only daughter of the chief hits the farmer from behind and he releases a loud scream and falls to the ground, passing out.

James begs for his life, but Awo Frema will have none of that. She tries to hit him with the stick as well, but one of the palace guards holds the stick from behind,preventing her from hitting him.

Awo Frema attempts to beat the heavily built guard. Please, this village is not one of your Nigerian and Ghanaian movie villages where daughters of Chiefs are followed with rose petals.

It may sound funny as I seem to be giving you updates as if I’m in no trouble. Trouble really lurks around my balls as almost everyone has some sort of theory about me, be it one that you would call a conspiracy to murder or ridicule.

On a more serious note, this Awo Frema is nothing of the sort that I dreamt about or Akosua Agyapong mentioned in her song. This one is ruthless, with all her university education.

Don’t be surprised because I told you this is not one of your Nigerian or Ghanaian movie village where they are in kalico dresses. The guards are well armed, built and educated a bit.

At least, they could speak English small. My only crime was that I have interrupted a ritual with my bloody body. Even though, I was to be blamed, the farmer is much a guilty party.

Meanwhile,back in the city, there are lots of things going on over here. This is where we can really talk about conspiracy theory.

Conspiracy theory agenda convinces Angelina easily, She gives up on love

At the Police station is Jason, Angelina and the Police discussing the situation

“This is a deliberate murder, and I can link everything to the murder” said one of the policemen. Interestingly, my angel still thinks well of me even though she is furious I didn’t tell her about my abusive past as a drug addict and a pimp.

One thing all these millions of readers don’t know about me is that, regardless of the thug life I lived, I never really misbehaved except for some few sniffs and sense-mania, but that is another conversation for another day.

“What will motivate him to kill your daddy, it still doesn’t make sense to me. Angela wanted to know. Jason answered, it’s all about revenge.

“How does that work? This is certainly some conspiracy theory b..s.” Angela very strong in her statement. “You seem to believe him. The girl in this picture was his accomplice. He got my father drunk, and they wanted to blackmail him”.

Angelina's mind bursting with Conspiracy theory.
Angelina’s mind

Jason sounded so convincing. Angela still didn’t feel the vibe. Where is the connection? I still don’t see it. “Well, he and my father have intentions of standing for the position of the MP in that area. He had expressed his interest.

He was very popular until my daddy punched him hard in a campaign revealing his dirty secrets.

The only person to unravel the mystery is this lady and she is no where to be found. “So you think this is why he killed him, especially on his birthday” Angela’s thoughts seemed to be confused.

“Well, I may agree with you. Events leading to your arrival at his house, just looked weird. I’m just so depressed I find myself in the middle of this. I promise to do all I can to ensure the perpetrator is brought to book” Angela swears with passion.

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With all this passion, I have also been hurled before the Chief of the palace and his counsel elders for disturbing their rights. “I am only a stranger being chased by some bandits. I have no idea about what was going on. I am innocent”.

I thought I had won them with these good lines, but it seemed they were not impressed with my acting. All they wanted to ascertain if indeed I’m not under arrest or danger.

My end at last

After all, they had taken the bullet out and treated me well. According to Awo Frema who visited me in the village holding center, very dangerous place reserved for persons with infectious disease.

She knew all the information and conspiracy theories behind my presence there, but for some strange reasons, she had kept quiet and moved away from the trial center.

I was posted back into my cell, where my next door neighbor was the same farmer who tried to kill me. I had no idea where he was taking me to. He smiled telling me, tonight will be my last night.

“Breathe all you want to breathe, tonight, you would be dead meat. They already know the location of your cell. You would be burnt into ashes by tomorrow morning. If the chief thinks he would take you out tomorrow morning and make money out of you, then I’m sorry. We will all lose”. After delivery of such wicked lines, he just smiled for some seconds.

Mean while back at the palace, the chief and his counsel were deliberating what to do. One of the elders suggested that because I had lied, the best thing was to call the police early in the morning so they come for him.

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Others were of the view, I could be framed, so I have to be convinced to speak the truth so they take a decision on me. This was very funny. How I had moved from being a changed person to a criminal without my own knowledge.

Awo Frema enters the meeting, and because of her educational background, she is not isolated from such crunch meetings. She comes to my aid, stating that I am innocent, and I’m not aware of why I am being chased.

However, what baffles her is the fact that I have refused to open up. So she decided to convince the Chief to go and talk to me so I could be truthful. However, this was a proposition that was agreed upon.

Meanwhile, back in the city, Angelina was Jason consoling him. A they discuss ways to capture me. They plan and arrange for a private investigator to investigate the situation to prove how the murder took place.

Night was fast approaching, and Awo Frema was waiting to do her job by going to talk to James to give a confession. On her way to the cell, she saw from a far a thick dark smoke emanating from the prison yard.

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The townsfolk and some of the guards rushed to the infectious disease yard, which served as a prison for hardened criminals was burning with an inferno like momentum.

When they finally reached there, they realized that the cell containing James was….

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