“A note to my sweet poison”,Lost Love EP.5

RECAP EP .4 : Sometimes, the difficult thing about life is when love is lost in a rather strange way.

All seems lost for James, after intercepting a right of passage with his bloody body, he is put in a cell, but his new enemy, the farmer, seems to have something under his sleeves. With evil smiles all around him, he promises James that he will die from a fire outbreak.

Time for reflection after lost love

Lost love could be detrimental to one's health and emotions.
Angelina in a fix about his lost love

Meanwhile, back in the city, Angelina was with Jason, consoling him. As they discuss ways to capture me.

They plan and arrange for a private investigator to investigate the situation to prove how the murder took place.

Night was fast approaching, and Awo Frema was waiting to do her job by going to talk to James to give a confession. On her way to the cell, she saw from a far a thick dark smoke emanating from the prison yard.

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The townsfolk and some of the guards rushed to the infectious disease yard, which served as a prison for hardened criminals.

The yard was burning with enormous heat. They tried to quench the fire out before it spread to other parts of the cell, which had even already commenced.

When they finally quenched the fire, they found a body inside the cell.

Awo Frema’s eyes quivered with tears. One surprising thing about Awo Frema is that initially she wanted to kill James for defiling and destroying their ritual, but now she weeps.

What could be the reason? Could it be she feels she has lost her love, or perhaps an innocent soul is gone. As part of activities over there, all the other cell mates were being transferred to another facility, but the cell of the farmer was opened, and there was no one inside.

Immediately, Awo Frema called for search party to look for the farmer.

As the search party commenced their job, Jason and Angelina had also arranged for a private investigator. He had taken samples of prints of James from the new couch and from his cars.

Roadmap to uncover murderer

It is quite obvious, this P.I might have a lot of ideas about forensics, judging from his initial assessment and gathering leads on the case.

He therefore started his work by asking Angelina some set of questions. “Madam Angelina, if I may ask, where were you when he was with the victim?”

“Well, I was with Jason the whole day. We were planning his surprise birthday party scheduled for that same evening” Angy retorted.

“Was he aware of your whereabouts?” the P,I inquires. “In all honesty, I’m not sure. I told him I was at Tamale”.

“OK. this is just a working theory. He is jealous of your new level of relationship with Jason. He is standing for elections as an MP coming from this particular constituency and his main opponent is Jason’s father, his victim”.

“Alleged” Angela quips. Jason gives her a surprise look, “Don’t give me that look. Even though I feel, I have lost the love of my life, it doesn’t mean I should just believe he is a criminal”.

Obviously, and for a certainty, Jason is not amused one in the least with her proclamations. “I thought you were against him just few moments ago, now you go back defending him?” Jason quizzes.

Angelina looks confused. She just puts her head on the table and sobs gently. The P.I therefore proceeds with his questions. The trend of questions seems to be getting Angelina very emotional as she angrily picks up her bag and leaves.

When she storms out, the whole place dies out with silence. “Chairman, you can go on with your work. You have my full blessing” Jason pats him at the back.

The P.I then leaves and starts his mission. The first place to visit is the crime scene, Jason’s room. Upon reaching there, he wears a set of gloves and moves round the room. He is quite meticulous in his dealings not to destroy evidence.

He also collects some data including hair strands and any other item that can be part of evidence. Jason wonders if they are necessary. However, he is of the view that at least, it will establish the case.

Of course, Jason is a health worker and understands the essence of these things and its relation to DNA and biology. However, his problem is that in this part of the nation, there is no grand DNA database.

After collecting the items, he thanks Jason and makes a headway. His next activity is to look for the girl in the picture whom they believe is an accomplice but is no where to be found.

Investigation and cross examination amidst arson claims

Moving back to the village, Awo Frema is with her father and his counsel informing them of what happened. The elders are however of the view that it is good riddance that he is gone.

According to the eldest among them, it would have brought the Police’s attention to the village and wouldn’t have augured well from the town. He seems to have lost his love for his position as an elder.

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One of the elders was also of the view that the money involved was good and could have solved some of the problems of the community as the politicians had abandoned them. The thought of creepiness and suspicion arose in the heart of Awo Frema.

“Daddy, I wish we could investigate and find out how the arson happened. This is unusual. This is the first time something of the sort has happened”. This statement seems not to have gone down well with Agya Awotwe, one of the council of Elders.

“Would you shut up” he commands Awo Frema. Awo Frema is unperturbed as she goes on to convince the other elders to institute an investigation into how the arson occurred. This led to a disagreement among the elders.

One of the elders suggested that there should be voting to determine if the council should give attention to the arson. The motion was laid and casting of votes commenced. Out of the seven council members, five agreed to allow investigation into the arson.

Arson Cross Examination begins No love lost for guards

Awo Frema, then asked that all the guards at the cell to be interrogated. The guards at the cell are 20 in number. Awo Frema, therefore made arrangements for them to be investigated and cross examined. Cross examinations had taken place for eighteen guards, leaving behind Baba and Yaw Scorpion.

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It was then the turn of Baba to be interrogated. He comes and stands in the middle of the eight members. The cross examination begins but when it gets to the turn of Agya Awotwe, he just keeps mute and says he has no question.

Finally, Awo Frema gets the opportunity to cross examine Baba. It’s certain that love would be lost among the two.

“Baba, you are in charge of the stranger’s cell”. Baba nods in agreement. So where were you when the fire started?” she poses. Well, I was in the bush shitting when the fire started. The distance between the bush and the cell is about 1000 metres away. This certainly calls for more questioning.

Baba seems not to be comfortable with the line of questions. For instance, he was asked how many minutes he spent there and the time he saw the smoke. His answers were inconsistent after having earlier claimed that he didn’t see the time the fire started but the saw the smoke as it started.

This was a big fat lie, because it would be difficult for someone at that part of the bush to see the exact location of the smoke, and this was the angle Awo Frema explored. His incessant lies and inconsistencies were far to much, hence she directed he is separated.

Even though, Yaw Scorpion had not been asked any question, he was shivering. He shouted “I will speak the truth”. All ears were attentive just to listen to what he would say.

He started by saying that he was ……..

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