“A note to my sweet poison” Running into the arms of Awo Frema. EP.3

RECAP EP2:. Well, who knows much about Awo Frema, as James lands in her arms. James seems to be in trouble for something he hardly knows nothing about.

After realizing his mistake and judging his supposed Angelina wrongly, he finally comes to meet an eyesore. His best friend’s father, a revered Reverend and Minister of the gospel is having an extra marital affair in his friend’s room.

After escaping the shock, the Police are now on his trail for no apparent reason.

The Narrow Escape

I was now at the cross roads, when the sound of a warning shot graced my ears, but i still kept running as a car came running straight towards me.

Upon realizing that the car was near me, it was too late as the car hit a rock separating me and my death.

The car thus somersaulted into the bush, giving me the perfect cover and moment to escape the claws of the police.

After long hours of winding in the bush, I suddenly find a place of solace, with a bullet in my thighs, all I need is to take it out but under a big oak tree in the nearby bush is the right place.

I know that for a certainty, if I don’t move out before night catches, there is going to be trouble for me. What I couldn’t grapple with is the exact crime I committed and why my own best friend would lead police to my home.

Meanwhile, back at James’ premises, the Police have ransacked the surprise room of James.

Angelina in a numbness fit, just looks on as the police keep looking for evidence that she herself seems not to understand. She therefore motions to Jason.

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ANGELINA: Would you care to explain what I’m seeing here?

JASON: Well, I’m short for words (He bursts into tears)

POLICE 1: Chairman, the woman is an accomplice.

JASON: Not sure, she has no idea. She just brought a birthday cake. It just pains me that he chooses to murder my father on his birthday.

The policeman chasing James comes back panting and gasping for breadth. He sits on the ground and narrates the ordeal of what he saw.

POLICE 3: He ran away into the bush. I managed to fire him amidst the accident scene, but I don’t know what happened to him. I had to attend to the accident car and get the ambulance to attend to them.

POLICE 2: Damn it! How could he escape?

ANGELINA: I’m struggling to understand what’s going on (She tries to console Jason and stop him form crying)

POLICE 2: This is the third time in this week, a murder suspect has escaped. This means trouble to us guys. What do we tell commander?

ANGELINA: James, a murder suspect? Even though he never mentioned anything, he looked moody initially, but I still don’t comprehend.

POLICE 2: He went to the apartment of his own friend unannounced, and killed his friend’s father, one of the revered Reverend Ministers of the gospel in this community and ..

ANGELINA: No, my Jason can’t do so.

POLICE 3: You mean James or Jason?

JASON: She is confused. Angy, James killed my dad, for no apparent reason.

ANGELINA: I know James is one too jealous. Looking at how he reacts when I mention you, but to be a murderer, it would take more than mere speculations to believe.

POLICE 1: I have his phone with me as an exhibit.

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JASON: You don’t know him well. He has threatened his own father once. He used to be a drug addict.

ANGELINA: Because you were one yourself before you went to the university and that’s how you both met.

POLICE 3: Would you both shut up. Do you know all that you have said gives us more proof for what we call motive for murder.

JASON: Angy, I’m sorry, but you were living with a monster. Tell me why he never introduced you to his friends apart from me. The last name my father mentioned before passing was James. In his pool of blood, he talks of blackmail.

POLICE 2: Well, in that case, we have motive for murder. These are pictures I found on his phone. Pictures he took of your daddy, in the arms of a lady.

JASON goes to take a look at the picture. He breaks down in tears as he sees his father in bed with an unknown lady. Angelina also takes a look.

POLICE 1: We have ample evidence to link him to the murder. Can we go now?

Falling into the arms of Awo Frema

It’s getting dark, and I’m beginning to feel pains in my left thigh. I guess, I’ve lost enough blood. The only thing now left for me is death. I feel so dizzy, I don’t know what is on my mind.

In these times of near death, the funny thing that comes to mind is a song from Akosua Agyapong, “Awo Frema”; if she were death, I would gladly fall in her arms.

Sounds funny, right. Yea, but really matches my situation. Awo Fema, is a very beautiful girl whom I wish to die in her arms. Her story is just like mine. Just ask Akosua Agyapong.

These thoughts of mine shows that I’m always at my grave. I hope my Angelina turns into that lady. Awo Frema please come take me into your arms. If you are death, I am ready to go.

Yes, I told you, she would be looking for me like Awo Frema did in the song, waiting for her Kwame to get into her arms.

LISTEN TO AWO FREMA song by Akosua Agyapong as James thinks of being in this eponymous character’s arms.

He tries to stand up, but he is unable to do so. Obviously, his bones are now weak. He starts singing the song. For a certainty, when death knocks at your door you think of all these things.

Time to make money

Awo Frema in my arms for money

Meanwhile, on radio and television, James’ pictures had been circulated everywhere and he was a wanted man. Any man who would bring him alive has a sum of 10,000 GH to take home.

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Angelina is also having a torrid time coming to terms with the fact that James actually committed the act. She just lays quietly playing back the entire scene. She just stops processing her thoughts when clues begin to form in her head.

She interprets his “I’m sorry, I love you” as a form of confession. She further goes on to decode their first ever intimate sexual encounter as a way of releaving himself of his guilty conscience.

Tears run down her cheeks as she sobs painfully, in her room, reminiscing the good moments they’ve both had together.

On the other hand, James seems to be fast at his wits end and his life’s end. Unaware of the ransom on his head, he keeps singing in a shrill voice amidst tears, Awo Frema and asking death to be like her so she falls in her arms.

Suddenly, a hunter, who is wielding a gun hears the voice and draws closer with his gun. Upon reaching there, he goes closer to the half dead James.

He is scared at first, but gathers confidence and touches him, but James opens his eyes slowly, lying almost breathless.

Farmer: Oh, young man. What’s wrong?

JASON: Please don’t kill me. I need help. My name is James. I’ve been hit by a stray bullet, please help me.

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The farmer smiles cynically, and attends to him. He also takes a picture of him, but upon looking at the picture, he realizes his battery is down and cannot make any call.

He offers to help him, he lifts him up and smiles warmly towards him, but as they reach closer to the edge of the bush, there is a huge scream from…



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