“A note to my sweet poison”, the James and Angelina surprise. EP. 2

EP. 1 RECAP: James and Angelina are love birds who fell love at the arrival party of the latter. However, as a medical officer, her first surgery ended up in death and threw her off guard.

Times became very tough psychologically and emotionally till Jason, James’ best friend was brought in the picture to help Angelina get stable, but this made James jealous.

Obviously, this is a note that won’t ever escape the minds of many jilted lovers as their loves seems to be a sweet poison. Surprises are just as good as it sounds

The Shock of my life

As I approached the door, I heard two separate voices, one male and a female. For a certainty, I could swear to my father’s grave that I heard Angelina’s voice. I was confused whether to give them a pleasant surprise by opening the door with my spare key or knock , hide and see her face to face.

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I inserted the key into the key hole and opened the door wide with all my strength just to see Jason’s revered father, a reverend Minister lying with a very beautiful lady, who looked familiar though.

Well, you could call it because in my own view, the man was hot on fire. The girl kept yelling as if she needed help. I just couldn’t differentiate between something sweet and sour at the time. Their jaws dropped as the keys dropped thud to the ground.

Bending to pick it up was quite difficult. I just couldn’t tell the difference between fiction and what was reality anymore. The moans all turned into deafening silence with both parties caught in a wild frenzy of ecstasy.

JAMES: Sorry, I didn’t mean to…

Mr. RIVERSON: Courtesy must tell you to knock before you enter. Can you leave us alone?

JAMES: I’m so sorry once again.

I turned to leave, but the curiosity in me made me take a few shots and run straight outside. My eyes looking pale, sweat dripping all over my face, I stood by Angelina’s car.

However, something told me to take a cursory look at the car number. My eyes had failed me. The same brand. How foolish I looked. Then the next phone call came through and guess who, it was Angelina, my angel, my sweet poison.

The surprises and suspicions were just too much just for one night. I didn’t pick up. I just looked at the phone vibrate and hurled it into my pocket. Straight, I drove home.

Upon reaching home, my sweet poison was already in front of my house with her car parked in front my house. I carefully looked at the number and confirmed it before getting out of my car.

I didn’t know whether I was angry at my sweet poison, or surprised. All my body membrane could was to just sit motionless in my car, till she got out of hers and walked gently to my car.

ANGELINA: Hey Hnadsome!

JAMES: Angy!

For a certainty, my disposition didn’t show much of an enthusiasm as my smile had all melted, with grin taking a larger chunk of my disposition.

ANGELINA: This face is unusual of you.

JAMES: These lies are unlike you.

ANGELINA: James, what’s wrong?

Generally, you’d expect her to react like the everyday normal girl, but this one was different. She was the opposite of most girls, but I had lost the one I loved after her failed surgery.

Angelina was not the same anymore, she was just a yard away from me and for my part as James, I was lost in the bush of love.

JAMES: I never knew Tamale was so close like that? “ANGELINA: James, can’t you take a simple joke. For God’s sake I needed to surprise you. JAMES: And you found no particular day than to do this on my birthday?

ANGELINA: The more reason why it should be on this day. Come on. get down. I got a surprise for you.

For a second i realized I had been a fool, so sentimental, full of myself and sentimental not looking at the feelings of my sweet poison. Of course, don’t judge me. If you were in my shoes you may have done worse.

To fill the love shoes of James and Angelina is a surprise. We are just two different people in love.

Don’t just smile at that! You know yourself; you know you are not an angel like my Angy. I therefore got down, I couldn’t help but give her a hearty hug. I looked into her eyes and tears welled up in her eyes as she softly muttered “I’m sorry, I love you”.

I shed tears more than the bereaved as her silky strands coupled with those hands took me home to my mum in spirits. I was satisfied and felt secured enough to regain my confidence in her. She covered my eyes and whispered, I got a surprise for you.

Surprise moment for James and Angelina

One thing about me is that I really adore surprises. She blindfolded me, took my room keys. Initially, I was not feeling so good with this blindfolding charade. Yet, looking at what has happened that night, I didn’t want anymore drama.

I succumbed to the touch of this sweet angel and she led me to the slaughter house. She opened my door and asked me to open my eyes. When I opened, I nearly went blind.

A total change of the room to my dream furniture and DSTV subscription, just within the few hours I left. I just couldn’t imagine what sort of lady she was.

My mind full of confusion, I kissed her with such passion that earth could hear my moan and for the first time in 28 years, I had seen myself cringed to the body of one of the most beautiful and intriguing women in my life.

Her smile was just breadth taking. Of course, we were the first people to tear the rubber in two ways. I know you are gathering dirty thoughts, but you may just be right. She got off my hands after 30 minutes of the excitement. She headed outside to get my birthday cake from her car.

The biggest Surprise

As she went out, all I could hear was the sound of police car siren blazing in front of the door. I got out of my room to see what had happened and there I was, Jason leading a convoy of two police cars.

When they got down all I could hear was there he is, arrest him. The police made for me, but I just didn’t understand what was going on. I quickly took to my heels, leaving my phone on the ground and escaping with some of them trying to chase me.

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I was now at the cross roads, when the sound of a warning shot graced my ears, but i still kept running as a car came running straight towards me. Upon realizing that the car was near me, it was too late as the car hit…..



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