A note to my sweet poison, the story of a brokenhearted teacher EP. 1

Obviously, this is a note that won’t ever escape the minds of many jilted lovers as their loves seems to be a sweet poison.

One sometimes wonders why there are countless break ups in relationships, marriages and even friendships.

If you’ve been a victim before, I’m pretty sure relating to this article won’t be so difficult, but might awaken memories of some sweet poison and awaken the conscious mind to ignite passion.

James, as he prefers to be called in this piece narrates his ordeal with his girl friend whom he calls Angelina.

Meeting my Angela (Sweet Poison)

Angelina was like an Angel. She was practically what every man would desire. Angelina rocked my world, gave me the perfect feeling of love. We met at a party where I was not supposed to be.

Generally, because of my shy nature, I seldom go to events especially after working hours. I love my bed very much. It gives me peace, comfort and all I need to get a healthy and enjoyable sleep.

I was invited to this party of one of our colleagues at work. Her immediate younger sibling had just arrived from Ukraine and had graduated as a medical doctor. So to celebrate her achievement, her arrival was turned into a welcome party. Of course not in this corona season.

This resplendent lady, had her beauty like an unblemished star, spotless and clean like a new white fabric soaked in a gammoth white soapy water in a white shinny pearly room. Of course, I wouldn’t be traversing if I admitted she was an angel.

Not your usual type of angel with wings or microphones in Kumasi. She dazzled me the first time I saw her. Her white shinning, sparkling white teeth like the hair strand of a virgin goddess of fertility.

Each time she smiled at the party, I could literally feel that my heart had been cemented together. Failing to beat, I saw myself dead, till she finally said hello to me.

“The feeling was much better than being an overall best student in UCC, where many claim studying is painstakingly difficult”, I said to myself, “the true definition of moving out of your comfort zone is to get to spend the rest of my life with this brainy, beautiful angel”. Interestingly, her name was Angelina.

I made all efforts to start a conversation with Angelina. My mouth quivered with all the world’s fear. She walked pass me with her sweet fragrance and I could feel was a taste of the ground with my garment drenched in water.

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Just like in a movie, I had passed out, because probably my adrenaline were too sensitive to her fragrance that I lost a bit of oxygen. As I laid on the ground, all I could feel were here sweet, soft, sensual bosom touch my heart, igniting it to start working all over again.

Moving forward, I was resuscitated and our friendship began. Occasionally, I would watch her Whatsapp status and DP a thousand times even before my headmaster could identify my mind was far away from the usual interesting staff meeting.

I couldn’t stand the fire of her speech, so soft and tender like the shrill and loving voice of Jesus’ mother, Mary. For me, my life had began afresh. We communicated regularly and we gradually fell in love.

Our love made me extra confident so much so that during one of my usual rounds as a Teacher on duty, I managed to kill two snakes with my bare hands. Obviously, love was so magical and powerful.

Losing my Angel

However, this power I had suddenly began to fade as our regular communication became truncated because she was under a bit of pressure after her first attempt at saving a life later yielded no results. I guess she felt the sweet poison theory, which always haunted her.

This devastated her so much that she lost weight, and had only her dress to differentiate herself between a broom stick and a sane human. This made her feel so distant from me. I offered to help, but she was just in no mood for me.

On many occasions, I would miss class to be with her and keep her company, so she doesn’t feel so depressed, but this didn’t help either, as we kept fighting over very little things such as, why I didn’t call before coming.

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At first, I felt the situation was having a toll on her. I therefore confided in one close friend of mine, Jason. Jason made me understand that sometimes women can be strange. Of course, for obvious reasons, I believed because I was much of a penny lover, no experience.

Jason offered to help. He therefore had access to Angelina, they then became quite close, but at least, I had my Angel back. On her free days, when she is less busy, she would now spend the time with Jason, who was a pharmacist at the same hospital.

I knew Jason but didn’t know his betrayal side. She was full of joy each time she was with Jason. This got me frustrated and scared. Many times, she could mistakenly refer to me as Jason and this usually brought fights.

One evening, I had seen her car parked in front of Jason’s house. I called her and she told me she had traveled to Tamale. I was sure, the two had something to do together because Jason’s phones were off because none of his three numbers was going through.

As at that moment, all I could imagine was the two making out. I had the spare key to his apartment, because we were like siblings, just that we were very opposite in exhibiting our sense of morality.

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As I approached the door, I heard two separate voices, one male and a female. For a certainty, I could swear to my father’s grave that I heard Angelina’s voice. I was confused whether to give them a pleasant surprise by opening the door with my spare key or knock , hide and see her face to face.

I inserted the key into the key hole and opened the door wide with all my strength just to see….



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