Akwaboah fires King Paluta for alleging that he stole “Posti Me” song.

A few days ago, popular rapper, King Paluta alleged that Akwaboah Junior had stolen his song, “Posti Me”. He made this allegation while speaking on David Hammer’s show on Kumasi Based Hello FM. However, showing his displeasure, Akwaboah fires King Paluta on the same platform for making such allegations.

It would be recalled that in an earlier post on Obcommunication.com, King Paluta alleged that Akwaboah was a thief who was aided by KC Beatz, producer of the song to commit that crime.

Interestingly, in an interview on Hello FM, Akwaboah has refuted such claims. He intimated that the content of King Paluta’s song, “My Lord” has nothing to do with his song, “Posti Me”.

“I don’t even know you, the content of your song is different from mine. So how can you conclude that I stole your song? Besides, what level of promotion and airplay has your song enjoyed warranting that popularity which will make me steal it”. Akwaboah fires King Paluta speaking in Twi.

Akwaboah fires King Paluta, explaining why he would never copy someone’s music.

Furthermore, he added that when he visits KC Beatz to work with him, he doesn’t explore other artistes recorded song. He explained that he likes originality, so it would be impossible to enquire from KC, which song he should sample.

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“I am a professional. I don’t visit KC to give me songs that have already been done. Everyone knows that Akwaboah doesn’t do cheap music. Thus, there is no way I would go and steal someone’s music” he highlighted.

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Interestingly, as the conversation ensued, King Paluta disputed the notion that he hadn’t even promoted the song well enough. However, Akwaboah urged him to be humble and learn from the experienced ones in the industry.

Akwaboah fires King Paluta for denting his image.
Ghanaian Musician, Gladstorm Kwabena Akwaboah Junior, (Akwaboah)

“You must be ready to learn. This is a radio platform. I don’t know you, neither do you know me. So, don’t sit behind the radio and insult me. If you want to be great, you must learn from the experienced ones in the industry. I don’t know your song, but KC has been given me pressure to do this song, 2 years ago. If you are doubtful, you can ask KC, how many years we’ve been planning this song. There are a lot of songs we’ve done for the past 3 years, and I haven’t released it” Akwaboah added.

Akwaboah fires King Paluta
Ghanaian Rapper, King Paluta

Akwaboah has thus asked him to be respectful and is also available to give him hype if he wants to. Akwaboah is currently enjoying airplay with “Posti Me”. Could this just be a ploy by King Paluta to get some hype?

Watch King Paluta’s “My Lord” believed to be the version of Akwaboah’s “Posti Me”

“King Paluta, My Lord”
Watch Akwaboah’s “Posti Me”

Watch highlights of the interview on Dadzie TV.


SOURCE: Obcommunication.com

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