Akwaboah stole “Posti Me” song, Popular Musician alleges

Popular Musician based in Kumasi, King Paluta has alleged that former Sarkcess artist, Akwaboah, stole “Posti Me” song.

Kumasi music sensation, King Paluta has come out to label Akwaboah as a thief and has alleged that he owns the song concluding that Akwaboah stole “Posti Me” song after he released his in September.

Speaking on Kumasi Based radio station, Hello FM, a subsidiary of the Despite Media, and monitored by Obcommunication.com, King Paluta alleged that he released his song before Akwaboah released his; and that gave him the opportunity to copy the music.

I released my song 10 months before he released his. My version was released last year September, and we all know that he also released his just this year” he stated.

Ghanaian Musician, Gladstorm Kwabena Akwaboah Junior, (Akwaboah)

Furthermore, he alleged that one of his closest allies, who also happened to produce the “Posti Me” song, KC Beatz was part of the music video production of the alleged song that he claims “Akwaboah” had stolen.

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He went on to reason that being part of the song which is dubbed, “My Lord, KC Beatz stole the song from him and gave it to Akwaboah.

KC Beatz stole Posti Me for Akwaboah when he came for my music video production

According to King Paluta, during the music video production of “My Lord” song, KC Beatz should have made him aware that Akwaboah had a similar song, but what baffles him is that the producer never mentioned a word about the song till he (King Paluta) questioned him (KC Beatz) about the development.

“After moving to Accra, KC Beatz copied my song and gave it to Akwaboah. My analysis or basis is this, KC Beatz, was part of the video shoot and he never mentioned a word to me that Akwaboah has a similar tune. After the music video shoot, Akwaboah sampled the same song because he has the hype and popularity leaving mine in the cold shelf” he spoke in Twi.

King Paluta alleges Akwaboah stole his song.
Ghanaian Rapper, King Paluta

Making an analogy with an old Akan anecdote about a hunter who had mistakenly released a game from his trap, with the animal invoking a curse of diarrhoea on the hunter, he would do similar to Akwaboah as a form of revenge.

All in all, he thus explained that in view of the occurrence, he has released a diss song for Akwaboah to prove his musical ability over the alleged thief.

“If Akwaboah has stolen my song, I have nothing to tell that thief, so I have released a song called “Me Krong” meaning I’m highly elevated. I’m highly disappointed in Akwaboah, I had great respect for him”.

Currently, some social media users in the country have hugely embraced the “Posti Me” challenge while others are also sceptical about the challenge, claiming relationships are private and must not be celebrated on social media.


SOURCE: Obcommunication.com

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