Ayesem is still a rapper regardless of his singing style.

Ghanaian rap sensation, Stephen Kwabena Siaw, popularly referred to as Ayesem has stressed that he – Ayesem is still a rapper.

The Ghanaian music industry has seen a lot of rap artistes switch from doing rap and move to singing.

 Names such as Kofi Kinaata, Stonebwoy, Shatta Wale, Castro, and Kwesi Arthur among many other artistes have found themselves switching from rap to singing.

This is a development that many fans have found puzzling, and sometimes feeling betrayed as their artiste switch from one style to another.

However, Ayesem, who was formerly known as Sketches Ayesem has made it known on the Entertainment Zone show on ATL FM, Saturday, that he (Ayesem) is still a rapper even though occasionally he may sing songs a lot.

“I am still a rapper. I do the singing on part time basis. The truth of the issue is that, we have diverse fan base and as an artiste, you must be versatile. When I released a lot of singing songs that made hits, I had some presenters and fans asking if I had stopped rapping. Interestingly, when I dropped the Legacy EP, which was strictly rap, I didn’t get anyone complain that I am now doing more rap songs” he added in Fante.

He further stated that to appease his fans who ranged from corporate to the youth who love rap music, he had to do both rap and singing.

In addition to that he intimated that his fan base had seen an astronomical growth. As a result, it has become prudent for him to vary the type of music he does. He argued that his fan base now has the working class, the aged, and of course who all love his music.

Ayesem is still a rapper. He says he is versatile.
Ayesem, Ghanaian Hiphop Musician

However, as he finds himself in this dilemma, he ought to change his style and do something unique that would be enjoyable to all of his fans.

“The best thing I can do to show off my versatility is to do something that my fans would enjoy. For instance, if you take a look at this EP, I did it strictly for my fans who love rap music. Another thing I sometimes consider is the fact that my fan base has become widely diversified” he added.

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In as much as he admits he has a vast audience; the joy of his fans determines what genre or type of music he would do.

“I wouldn’t say it is only the youth or young boys who listen to me, but I’ve got the working class, the elderly and the student class from SHS to the University who all form part of my fan base. In this regard, I have to do something that appeals to all of them. All in all, what would endear me to the heart of the fans is what I will do. It doesn’t mean I’ve quit rap”.

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Ayesem has released a new song that seeks to educate the populace on the coronavirus pandemic. This song was couched based on the trending phrase “By June…”


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