Ace radio presenter, Barrister Daniels, also referred to as Danny Blue became extremely emotional during his Saturday, entertainment show, ENTERTAINMENT ZONE over some broken heart comment.

On Saturday, January 25, 2020, Onesiphorus Obuobi, one of the panel members on the show, made a quip when he commented that as a writer, he needs to get broken hearted in order to write a very emotional story for more recognition, the ace presenter, at the Kofi Totobi Quakyi Studio of the Campus Broadcasting Services Centre went on his knees at the studio and made an emotional appeal to Onesiphorus Obuobi, a panel and one of the hosts of the morning show of ATL FM, ATLANTIC WAVE.

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In his passionate speech, he advised that OB, as he is mostly referred to on air, should never dream of getting broken “hearted” since it has a lot of precarious effects on the victims. With his face nearly tearing up as he narrates the ordeals of some victims, he frantically begged OB not to joke with broken heart since it is a very serious thing.

“Obuobi, please don’t joke with broken heart. Obuobi, if someone should narrate the enormous effects of broken heart on him or her, you would never yearn to be a victim” he said.

Getting more emotional, he added that” Don’t you know broken heart has led to the demise of people, it has even made people go mad. I just want Obuobi to understand that broken heart is nothing to be played with. Never pray or wish to get broken hearted. Just imagine, you are heels in love with that particular person and he or she leaves. The shuddered moments, the pains. Obuobi never dream of broken heart”.

At that juncture, he went on his knees “Obuobi, I’m begging you, please never think or dream about broken heart, it can make you grow very lean and even bath with your mobile phone”.

Barrister Daniels is known privately as Daniel Opoku and he is the host of ENTERTAINMENT ZONE on ATL FM.


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