Beyonce’s publicist out with the truth about Beyonce’s visit to Ghana.

Much to the expectation of many that American superstar, Beyonce Knowles, wife of Roc-a-fella boss, Jay Z would be performing live this weekend in Ghana, well, the publicist of the singer, Yvette Noel-Schure has spat the truth saying the singer will not be in the country during the weekend.

Ghanaians woke up to a disappointing instagram post that the singer will not be in the country. In the post, she makes mention of the word “official” meaning coming directly from the horse’s own mouth that she ain’t gonna be coming to the Gateway to Africa and land of gold, Ghana.

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“Just here to deliver the truth. The official truth and nothing but the truth. Beyoncé is NOT performing in Accra, Ghana this weekend” she posted.

Interestingly, she gave thumbs up to the African Americans that have “returned home” and urged them to have a good time.

Tina Knowles – Lawson, Mum of Beyonce Knowles (Left)

“To all you have returned “home,” have the most beautiful time,” Noel-Schure added. In addition to that she gave a hint as to who is rather in the country stating Beyonce’s mum is in Ghana.

In Washington, D.C., in September 2018, President Nana Akufo-Addo declared and formally launched the “Year of Return, Ghana 2019” for Africans in the Diaspora, giving fresh impetus to the quest to unite Africans on the continent with their brothers and sisters in the diaspora.


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