Bhim Nation fans attack Kelvinboy on social media over allegations of Stonebwoy’s bodyguard beating him.

Bhim Nation fans have attacked former signee Kelvinboy on social media. In a trending streak of tweets on social media, scores of Bhim Nation fans react to Kelvinboy and his manager, Diddy who have alleged that Stonebwoy’s personal bodyguard attacked former signee.

In a barrage of social media comments, scores of Bhim Nation fans have come out to condemn Kelvynboy. In most of the tweets, sighted by, they have tagged Kelvinboy as ungrateful.

This comes as a result of what happened as Kelvynboy gets attacked by persons alleged to be personal bodyguards of Stonebwoy and other thugs.

As a result of the situation, some fans of Stonebwoy have cast insinuations on Kelivinboy. However, there are others who also believe Stonebwoy has no hand in the issue. Some have also quipped at Kelvinboy alleging that he is only doing so for hype since the alleged culprit is no longer with Stonebwoy.


Singer Kelvynboy has been attacked during an appearance this morning in Ashiaman.

Kelvinboy (left) Stonebwoy (Right)

According to Kelvynboy’s Manager Diddy, who spoke to from the scene, his artiste was invited to grace the opening of Electroland Ghana Limited’s new branch in Ashiaman and while Kelvynboy was going round checking out the shop, Stonebwoyb personal bodyguard stormed the shop with other guys to disrupt the event.

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Kelvynboy’s Manager told that Stonebwoyb’s bodyguard who stormed the shop is known as Gyenyame and according to them Ashiaman belongs to Stonebwoy so they will not allow Kelyvnboy to grace the occasion in Stonebwoy’s territory.

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They reportedly attacked some of the people present and destroyed electrical gadgets in the shop.

Watch the video below:



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