Central Music Awards (CMA) board to decide the fate of this year’s awards – C.E.O Heritage Promotions.

The Chief Executive Officer of Heritage Promotions, Spio Jungoo has revealed that the Central Music Awards (CMA) board would decide the fate of this year’s awards.

With a sharp rise in Covid-19 cases, a lot of industries have been fraught with challenges. However, one of the biggest sectors hit hard by the pandemic is the entertainment sector. This situation has therefore culminated into the use of virtual platforms for operations.

C.E.O Heritage promotions says CMA board will decide awards this year.

Interestingly, the C.E.O of Heritage Promotions, Spio Jungo has revealed that the decision to go ahead with CMA this year, lies in the hands of the Board. According to the former award-winning musician, the board takes all the decisions while the house does the implementation so even as the C.E.O he can’t make any emphatic statements as to whether CMA would come off.

Additionally, appearing on the Entertainment Zone show on ATL FM, he explained that it could be very difficult looking at the trends and how some of the musicians are faring this year.

“We are mere organizers, we don’t have that much authority to state categorically that it would happen this year or not. However, it is the board that has the final say” he spoke in Fante.

Proposal sent to CMA Board to augment its decision making on this year’s awards as revealed by Heritage Promotions Boss.

Furthermore, he also told Barrister Daniels, host of the show that they have also presented some proposals to the board for consideration. He added that the proposal details some factors that could be considered in case they take a positive decision.

“We all know the situation we find ourselves in. Hence, in our proposal to the board, we presented the pros and cons of the situation if we are to have it. One of the negative sides includes the inability of a number of our artistes to release songs to cover the calendar year. Even here in the regional capital, a handful of musicians have been able to release songs. They number about 12 persons, thus affecting categorization. The positive aspect may include holding a virtual awards ceremony”.

Last year’s edition saw lots of surprises especially as Patapaa was crowned artiste of the year.


SOURCE: obcommunication.com

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