Comedy has been my backbone – Popular Actor

One of Ghana’s very own actors who has taken over the screens before with lots of hilarious films, Kofi Laing says comedy has been a backbone as it had sustained sustained him all these years.

According to the comic actor who is amassing age, he claimed the favoritism sometimes put them out of their position and to make things worse, they received paltry sum as charges for being on screen.

“Though we had to accept any role because the directors and producers had their favourite people and we were paid little, I am glad I was able to entertain people with my God giving talent and did the work not for money,” he said.

Recounting his challenges on Adom FM’s Work and Happiness show, he claimed that some of his colleagues died out of depression even though they loved the job.
“I don’t regret acting comedy because I would have died long ago like some of my colleagues died out of depression, sorrow and as paupers,” he added

Regardless of an ongoing campaign by one of the Popular radio presenters in Cape Coast, Candymann to raise at least GHS 10, 000.00 for him, he also asked persons to send money into his personal momo.
He added: “I will appreciate your kind gesture no matter how small it may be in your eyes. You can send your support through my mobile money number, 0244437963.” .


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