Disappointed Date Rush’ Freelove moves on after she was snubbed by Ignatius.

Disappointed Date Rush’ Freelove has finally admitted that she has been able to put the past behind her.

Date Rush, one of the new love programs on TV3 last Sunday saw the hopes of Freelove, disappointed and dashed when Ignatius turned her down and left her heart in serious pains.

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Disappointed Date Rush’ Freelove therefore revealed that she used to like Ignatius, and was ready to snatch him, but currently, she no iota of love for him.

Disappointed Date Rush' Freelove says she has gotten over Igantius after she was snubbed.
Freelove, Date Rush

“I used to [like Ignatius] but now, I don’t like him back anymore,” she said.

If love and wishes were true, indeed beggars would ride. However, many kept wondering why Disappointed Freelove, suddenly changed her mind and offloaded her emotions within these few days, she intimated that she couldn’t go on carrying the disappointment especially when it was a case of love at First site

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“How can you disappoint me like that?… It was love at first sight and then now I just got disappointed.”

She further added that she was too hurt and would not reconsider even if Ignatius, her dream dark, business minded Angel would make a U- turn and come into her arms.

Interestingly, Freelove believes in the power of the Bible, and regularly gets comforted by family and friends after her botched relationships.

“I have friends who talk to me, my family supports…I read the Bible too a lot… Although I am over him, I’m still healing.”

Disappointed Freelove, who is a fellow and a believer of love at first sight had the urge to give her all for the love of Ignatius.

Sadly though, her worst fears were confirmed when just like every other day, she gnashes emotionally because guys are generally scared to propose to her, since they are under the notion that for a person beautiful girl like her, men should be falling for her like rose petals.

“I really wanted to go for it because I was tired of ‘you are too fine not to have a boyfriend’…I really needed this,”


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