Do you know every single person in this world who appears on TV? – Nana Aba Anamoah quizzes Abeiku Santana.

Few days after Cardi B left with her own drama before her performance, the waters have been stirred hot as another controversy and “beef” seems to be boiling between Despite Media’s Abeiku Santana and EIB Network’s Nana Aba Anamoah, who have traded words on Twitter over the Cardi B controversy and the arrival of Tacha of Big Brother Naija Fame on the ticket of Despite Media’s ticket.

Feeling quite unhappy about some purported statements from the Ms Anamoah, Abeiku Santana threw some shades at her for an alleged derogatory remark she made against the BBN star for being invited by Despite Media’s outfit.

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He was alleged to have cashed in on the Cardi B brouhaha and jabbed Nana Aba Anamoah, as he was alleged to have stated “Does Cardi B have an appointment with you Ghanaian celebrities? Did she call you people? And you Nana Aba Anamoah with the sharp mouth, you comment about everything that goes on… Why have you not addressed this issue on social media? We brought BBNaija star Tacha to teach her about the cultural values of Ghana and you disrespected her.”

This made her livid as she also took to social media handle, twitter to reply with some scathing comments against Abeiku Santana quizzing him if he knew all those who appeared on TV.

She therefore posted; “Did Abeiku really say that I dissed UTV for bringing someone to Ghana? I’d like to know when and where I did that? Abeiku Santana did you really say that? Oh, nka this TL will be LIT. Kindly confirm if you opened your mouth to spew what these bloggers have been claiming.”

Nana Aba (Left) and Abeiku Santana (Right)

The heat turned one level up when Abeiku Santana provided an explanation to his comments on radio and this led to another set of questions and lamentations against Abeiku Santana.

She reiterated that she genuinely had no idea about who the BBNAija star in question was as she had never heard any news about her.

“Asking who Tach is, is your idea of me dissing UTV? Such a load of trash! You expect me to pretend to know who she is when I clearly don’t? Do you know every single person in this world who appears on TV?…,” she asked.

The drama keeps unfolding as these two media giants are expected to halt their guns, else, social media will go agog with fire of words and emojis.

Tweets from @thenanaaba
Tweet from @AbeikuSantana


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