Don Little dares Zionfelix to a car driving battle.

Diminutive actor, Don Little has dared celebrity blogger, Zion Felix in a recent video monitored by on Zionfelix’s uncut show.

In an interview with the actor, Zionfelix challenged the diminutive actor to a car driving test where the latter passed with flying colors.

Zion, who was under the impression that the actor’s physical nature would impede him even from sparking his own vehicle, handed over his keys to Don. However, Don Little proved to be an executive, experienced driver as he skillfully slotted the key into the ignition and started the car.

Celebrity blogger, Zionfelix.

Initially, the duo and other pal of the duo had all placed a bet that the diminutive actor, would be unable to do so. Interestingly, he sat in the Hyundai Sportage, which is a manual transmission, went on reverse, and later drove gently moving forward.

Out of fear, Zion immediately turned Superwoman attempting to hold the car to a standstill.

Shockingly, the new “chauffeur of the year” has dared Zionfelix and any other Ghanaian to a driving battle with the person’s own car, if anyone feels he is inadequate to drive.


Video Source: Zionfelix uncut

Watch full video.

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