Emelia Brobbey unhappy with DKB’s comments on her music.

Ghanaian musician and actress, Emelia Brobbey has gone hard on DKB for some alleged comments he made against her music career when she appeared on the Day Break Hitz show on Hitz FM.

The “Fa me ko” crooner was obviously unhappy with the purported comment and went on to say that it really got to her. She further added that she would not say such things about DKB’s career, so she wondered why a colleague in the lime light would do such a thing.

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“of all the trolls, a couple of them really hit me hard like DKB’s own and that of one Jacinta. Honestly, I was not expecting him to do that. I was hurt, because DKB being in the limelight, and I don’t think that what he did to me, I would do the same thing about his career, he will be happy and that is how i felt”.

Though, DKB seemed to be joking with his comments by sharing a video of himself rating the song 75% good, the “Fa me ko” singer felt bad for what had been said saying, it had the potential to cripple her.

DKB, Ghanaian comedian

She cited other people in the limelight like Teacher Kojo and Nana China who also trolled her but indirectly used it to promote her video and song alike.

“I think it could have been done in a nice way. I saw something about Teacher Kojo, he did it in a very comic way and even played the video, I watched it and I liked it”.

DKB in response to Emelia Brobbey’s comment therefore apologized to her for making such remarks about her music in an instagram post cited by obcommunication.com, which reads as follows:


  • dkbghanaVerified.

    “Apologies to you madam Emelia Brobbey and those who claimed I insulted her earlier please do you job again by informing her of this.”


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