Fashionistas for the year 2019 in Ghana.

2019 has been a good year for all celebrities. For some reason, celebrities raised the fashion bars, the standard and their fashion game.

Several events were held this year and more celebrities showed up to grace the red carpet with their wild, odd and elegant clothes, but there are always exceptional ones.

Red carpet never ends without everyone looking forward to seeing Nana Akua Addo and Zynell Zuh.

Nana Akua Addo

These two women have made it very difficult to select the ‘Most fashionable’ celebrity because one never reigns consistently.

Jackie Appiah, Actress

Not once have they followed fashion trends, detailing and elegance is all they crave. On days that they choose to be casual, their looks still make us blurry.

Zynell Zuh

Selly Galley: Selly Galley stays close with her fashion sense. She mixes funkiness with elegance, and her red carpet looks are always top notch.

Sister Deborah: Musician, Sister Deborah stays in her own fashion lane and rocks her clothes in an oddly satisfying way. She lights up attires that no one can comfortably wear.

She casually blends the ancient vibe with the modern vibe and spices with a little art.

Sister Debbie

Jackie Appiah: Jackie Appiah is another fashionable celebrity we can’t get enough of. Her sense of style and the finesse she attaches to her fashion choices leaves us wanting more.

Nathaniel Attoh: As a sports journalist, Nathaniel Attoh’s fashion sense is top notch. Whether in a three piece suit or an African print, Nathaniel always brings his A-game.

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