God is gonna sweep Mebusem and all his followers – Popular Prophet

A self acclaimed popular prophet, prophet Obrimpong CP has thrown caution to the wind against popular actor, Mebusem, who plays the role of bible character, Jesus Christ in a funny way.

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In a viral video circulating around, the self acclaimed prophet has indicated that he has received several visions and warning from “God” to the effect that if Mebusem does not repent and stop mimicking his beloved son, Jesus Christ, He (GOD) would blind Mebusem and annihilate he and all his followers.

“The name Mebusem signifies wisdom, however, he is doing something detestable which has called for the wrath of God. In view of this, God will annihilate Mebusem and all his followers” the self styled prophet uttered bitterly.

Mebusem has risen to fame with his hilarious mimicry of Jesus Christ in the local language. A feat which a lot of people deem blasphemous and disrespectful to the son of the Invisible God.


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