Hall Week suspension is a security measure – Acting Director of Public Affairs, UCC

The Acting Director of Public Affairs at the University of Cape Coast, Mr. Kwabena Antwi – Konadu has revealed that the management of the University of Cape Coast is not solely interested in cancelling or stopping hall weeks as speculated by some sections of the public, but it is a security measure to allow the police to work thoroughly on their recent investigations.

Speaking on the Atlantic Wave Morning show on ATL FM, Mr. Antwi – Konadu explained that management’s decision of temporarily suspending hall week celebrations was prudent. He was of the view that it formed part of efforts made to ensure the entire safety of the students and also to aid the security to have a congenial atmosphere to do their work properly.

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 “When you have told the police to take over investigations, looking at the criminal leg of an event, obviously, you need to be having briefings and debriefings to the extent that whatever you discuss at that level, should be part of the road-map.  So, the road-map and the request is that we put on hold the celebrations” he intimated.

He further explained that with almost thirteen halls to celebrate their various hall weeks it was quite beneficial from a security stand point to have this temporary suspension.

We have thirteen halls, and they all celebrate hall weeks, just last week till this week, we were going to have six hall weeks. So, if the advice from our security and the intelligence suggest that we put a hold on the remaining hall weeks for them to do an effective work by having a very good atmosphere or environment to do a thorough job, you have no option than to agree. It is not as if the university is interested in stopping hall weeks”.

Mr. Antwi – Konadu also explained that the feeling of being left out and not being allowed after several months of preparations was normal, however, management felt that the university was not in normal times, hence that decision. Even though, the students love the hall, their love for the hall does not exceed that of the university’s management and this formed the basis for having series of meetings with the stakeholders like the hall executives and hall wardens before this decision was finally made public. 

“Before the hall week commences, student leaders of course JCRC, SRC and other bodies responsible mainly for the organization of hall weeks are taking through a lot of discussions and so it’s not as if the leaders, hall masters, hall leaders, SRC were all informed before this decision was taken”.

 Mr. Kwabena Antwi – Konadu therefore highlighted that until management gets information from the security services, the suspension still holds as he is uncertain if the university is ready to lift the ban so soon since the police would need a lot of time to work on the situation.


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