I don’t understand what men want – Naana Blu

Image Credit: Razza Swaggy and Remedigh.com

Newest kid on the block form the port and twin city of Ghana, Naana Blu has revealed that she doesn’t really understand want.

Naana Blue (left) Razza Swaggy (Right) – host of Ocean Drive and Love Reasons on ATL FM

Speaking in an interview with Razza Swaggy, host Cape Coast based ATL FM’s Ocean Drive show, the Sugarcane crooner made mention that men are sometimes complex, not knowing what exactly they want even though they like or prefer women with character, but would neglect or dump them for other ladies.

“Men, complicated, I don’t arrive to understand what men want. I think the basic thing men want is a good character in a woman, but we see them dumping women with good characters, respectful, good ladies for other girls with big nyash. So I get confused sometimes with what men want, that’s why I said it’s complicated”.

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She further added that most of the times, the men keep the character they want for marriage since such girls with characters may not have the physical appearance that would really keep the men. On the other hand, those with the hand, ladies with the nice bodies may not necessarily be the wife material for men.

“Most at times, the character they want is not in the body they want. So they keep the character they want for marriage and go after the body. Men like what they see” she added.

Now, many are just wondering if women with beautiful women, or those with big nyash are evil, bad or disrespectful as Naana posits in her interview.


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