I never struggled like my other colleagues – Reggie Rockstone

Reginald Yaw Asante Osei, known in the showbiz industry as Reggie Rockstone has revealed in an interview that he never struggled because his father funded his music career for him.

The hiplife Grandpapa, Reggie Rockstone said in an interview on ATL FM’s METRO MIX mid-morning show that unlike his other colleagues, he didn’t face financial challenges, never struggled to get money to do music.

Chronicling his road to fame, he told host Desmond Okraku Danso that he is the real definition of a rich man’s son, “Dada bee” a jargon used in the local Ghanaian parlance to describe one who comes from an affluent family.

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Admitting that he had his own challenges, he didn’t struggle to make music. All was set up for him before his arrival in Ghana in the late eighties.

“This is where my story is so unique. I did not go through the struggle other artiste went through. I was so blessed. I keep telling everyone that my father, Richard Saint Osei may God bless his soul. My father funded everything. I did not hassle. When I came back from overseas all was set for me. My father built my own studio for me. I am an original dada bee. I had the home support” he added.

Dada Bee Reggie Rockstone never struggled financially to make music
Reggie Rockstone, Hiplife Originator

Dada Bee Reggie Rockstone returns from abroad and never struggled in his career

He further added that upon returning overseas, his father had made a lot of money, hence he never lacked even though he had worked abroad to make money, when he got home his father gave him the support needed to start his music business.

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However, even though he was not entirely bothered about making money, his dream for starting Hiplife as a genre of music was to impact the young African, get the young talents employed and put money in the pockets of young talents.

“I am not so concerned about money, but my thing was to empower young Black Africans in Africa. The devil finds work for the idle hands. Hiplife was meant to create jobs for the young ones. Hiplife must be celebrated. It has created a lot of jobs for the youth”.

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The hiplife grandpaapa thus bemoaned the struggle that some musicians are going through with regards to the systems that enable people to make money from music. His major concern was the untold hardship that Covid-19 has brought on the lives of people especially some musicians.


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