I took the street on my shoulders- Mr Fantastik

One of Ghana’s illustrious entertainers nicknamed Mr Fantastik has chronicled how he rose to fame by taking the street on his shoulders after the death of his parents.

Nana Fynn, as known in private circles, was a resident at Bakaano, a suburb in the Cape Coast Metropolis. He added that he used to perform acrobatics and pull off other stunts until he had the opportunity to travel to Europe.

“I started at the Center for Intercultural Learning and Talent Development (CILTAD) Agro. I was doing acrobatics. I was focused more on doing the acrobatics than the music and dancing until I got the chance to go to Europe“.

He noted that at a tender age of twelve, he started fending for himself as he performed acrobatic moves on the streets and at various functions uninvited.

“I grew up with my grandmother, until about 12 years when they all literally died. So I (Fantastik) took the street to my shoulders and worked it out. Because I was with AGRO, I had the chance to learn how to play guitar, sing and dance. I was also doing the acrobatics so I would go with the bowls from street to street, represent at events like funerals, parties outdoorings just to show my skills uninvited, till all was set for me and I travelled to Europe amidst education after I was adopted through AGORO”.

Mr fantastik on the street
Mr. Fantastik, Ghanaian-born Dancehall Artiste in Canada

Mr Fantastik is not only a musician, dancer and performer but a strong philanthropist and an entrepreneur who manages artistes and deals in other merchandise. He runs a foundation, African Soul Train and a record label called High Depth Music Record Label.

HDMusic Ghana foundation is a grassroots international live music and circus Band aiming to fundraise to build a circus school for African youth in Cape Coast, Ghana.  

Currently based in Vancouver BC, HDMusic Ghana is an international collaboration of Ghana and Canada, directed by Mr Fantastik, Ghana-born circus acrobat and roots-life reggae dance hall artist.


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