“I want the President to address the challenges of the Creative Arts Industry” – Don Tsegah.

With few hours to the State of Creative Arts Address to be delivered by Acting President, Mark Okraku Mantey, Prince Don Tsegah, a pundit on the Day Break Hitz Show, on Accra based Hitz FM, has shared his expectations.

During the show, the host, Andy Dosty required from his pundits their expectations on the show.

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Commencing the discussion, controversial Don Tsegah, intimated that President Mark Okraku Mantey should be able to diagnose successfully some of the major challenges that fraught the Creative Arts Industry.

“I am expecting the president of the Creative Arts Council, interim to outline from the birds eye point of view, the total, financial and biological health of the creative arts industry. It is very important. Before you can do any proper diagnosis, you must do some troubleshooting to see where the problems are that is when you can draw a plan to alleviate some of the the problems” he added.

In addition to his expectations he said he would like to know more about some unpopular sections like the artisans who weave and carve, and also give further attention to the film and movie industry, thus he would want to see a copious picture of the problems of the creative arts picture.

“I am expecting him to cover, the film, movies, fine arts and … also find out about some sections of the creative art sector. When we talk about the creative arts sector, there are some that are left out, like those who weave, those who carve, what plans does the industry have for them” he intimated.

Meanwhile, President Mark Okraku Mantey has hinted that his biggest achievement is the fact that now, the creative arts industry has one leg in governance and that currently, the council has been elevated to an agency.


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