CANDYMANN to the Rescue – Help for Kohwe

Entertainment Guru, and ace radio presenter, Candymann Lucas Mensah popularly referred to as Candymannia has revealed the reason why he started a campaign to help veteran actor, Mr. kofi Laing, popularly known as “K)hw3”.

In the wake of Monday, 30th September, 2019, the whole nation was amazed and petrified to see the story of Mr. Kofi Laing who had bemoaned the state of aged actors in the acting industry. According to him, they are stigmatized and abandoned by producers and directors and rather use young men and paint their hair white while they the “old men and women” just get wasted because no one seems to care about them. It was against this background that the Obama City Music Awards “Daddy” now Central Music Awards and originator felt pity for him and sought to take an action to help salvage the situation.

In an exclusive interview today with Zylofon Fm’s Sammy Flex, he revealed that he was touched by K)hw3’s plight and hence was moved to take that initiative that has gained so much popularity and people actually sharing in the vision to contribute to aid the veteran actor.

“I saw the story as well online, and i was touched, so i asked myself, what can i do to support him? I took K)hw3’s number from the person who wrote the story because I wanted to be sure and i called him and he explained. From the way he was speaking, it was true, he needed help. I explained to him that i have a page, with about 13,000 followers on facebook and I’m going to appeal for him to get something for him and that is what I have started”.

He further added that since yesterday, a lot of people have started contributing and he is collecting them in bulk on his special Momo line. However, he would donate the money, when it is quite heavier so that the ace actor can also use some for his medical bills since he confided in Candymann that he had a bit of a health challenge, in a telephone conversation, chanced on.


” Since yesterday, people have started contributing already and we praying that we get some amount for him. The money is on a special line that is my own personal number. So far about 18 people have contributed. As we are saying, for now, we are donating as low as 10 GHS. If each one of us is donating GHS 10.00 we can get something good for him… Now we have about 500 GHS and the highest donation is GHS 100.00. I am looking in a week’s time if we can get at least 5,000.00 or half of the thirteen thousand we can raise something for him to take care of his medical bills and cater for himself” he stated.

You can follow CAPE COAST OGUAA on facebook and send the momo number to 0556782682 with account name as Candy Lucas Mensah. Candymann is the originator of the Obama City Music Awards now Central Music Awards, an awards scheme that seeks to celebrate talents in the region. Last year’s edition of the Artiste of the Year was won by Real Mcee.


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