I would wish to help promote some products of Kasapreko which are non-alcoholic – Piesie Esther.

Ace gospel musician, Piesise Esther has bemoaned her inability to land an ambassadorial deal like the other artistes in the industry. She would have wished to even promote some products from Kasapreko Company limited especially their non alcoholic drinks.

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In an interview with Mike Two on Adom FM which was monitored by Obcommunication.com, she revealed her desire to promote some of the non- alcoholic drinks of Kasapreko, but it doesn’t seem to be a reality even though she has been selling some of these products.

” It is worrying and heartbreaking, I would wish to help promote some products of Kasapreko which are non-alcoholic because I am selling some of these products already” she stated.

She further went on to debunk the notion that gospel musicians do not songs that would attract or make them public spectacles hence culminating into getting such juicy deals which also promotes their brands as well, but she also opined that she has no inkling as to what causes this mistrust or decisions not to get her such deals.

“It is not that we are not working hard or not doing something right to attract such deals. We are doing all that we have to do but I don’t know why it is happening like that,”

The “Okuraseni” hit maker had won quite a number of enemies in the gospel fraternity after alleging that the gospel musicians who came before the recent generation did so well in laying the foundation, but unfortunately, the current generation is doing very little since currently most of the gospel of the musicians flaunt their wealth and get involved in scandals just to hype themselves or become popular and make news.


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