If you are doing something and everybody says Kudos, it is a curse – Emelia Brobbey

Ghanaian actress and musician, Emelia Brobbey has gone open about her feelings towards her troll and music; claiming that if one is doing something and everybody congratulates the person, it is a curse onto the person as she found herself at the studios of Accra based Hitz Fm.

Speaking on the Day Break Hitz show with Andy Dosty she narrated her music career and a couple of songs and sound tracks she had even done for some movies on the local scene. However, reacting to the troll issue and a purported news article about some alleged statements about Ghanaians with regards to her song, she intimated that the story was fictitious but was quick to add that it is quite understandable that it’s normal people criticize your work since it is a curse if everybody says kudos to whatever one is doing.

“Some are saying no, you need to be corrected, you need to get a voice trainer, others are also saying, No, I don’t see anything wrong with her song, it’s her first attempt and it’s ok. I think it’s normal, If you are doing something and everybody says Kudos, it is a curse” she retorted.

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She further added that it is good for people to criticize whatever one does so that moving on, it would encourage the person to make corrections and do things and do it well and make amends.

“You should get people to criticize you so that moving forward, you could make corrections, make amends and make sure you do it and do it well. To me, they are correcting me. I think those who are criticizing me love me the more because they think they are not hearing something nice because of their ears” she stated.

Emelia Brobbey has been a victim of cyber bullying though she claims initially, she didn’t really understand the reason why people were trolling her after she had released her video. She thus added that that though people were mocking her, others insulted her.


Watch the video below:

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