If you’re sleeping with me, I have to also benefit – Tracey Boakye replies Kennedy Agyapong.

Tracey Boakye seems to be making the headlines for the wrong reasons after admitting she must benefit financially after she sleeps with a man, confirming an allegation by Assin Central parliamentarian, Hon. Kenndy Agyapong.

In a televised video yesterday, Hon. Kennedy Agyapong alleged she is ungrateful and sleeps with men for financial gains, an accusation the film producer feels proud of.

Tracey Boakye benefit

In a facebook live stream, she concurred that the act is nothing new to her. She indicated that she has had a lot of sexual encounters with different calibre of men, varying from married to single men who are wealthy and can make huge financial commitments after sex. She went further to add that she is quite different from other women who would have free sex and not get anything financially rewarding from their sexual escapades.

“You say I came from Kumasi with my chale wote. Yes it’s good that you acknowledge that because that’s my story and God has changed my story and continues to bless me. I’ve slept with men and I don’t give my body for free” she stated.

According to Tracey Boakye, if she is going to have a sexual affair with someone, she has to also benefit financially. As a result of this lifestyle of hers, her social status has changed from being poor to rich because she uses what she has to gain riches just like Kennedy Agyapong.

” If you’re sleeping with me, I have to also benefit from it by taking money and I’m proud of that. I’ve acquired properties for myself and my story has changed just like you over the years,” she told Kennedy Agyapong for insulting her earlier for the fact that she’s dragging the name of former President John Dramani Mahama in the mud.

Kennedy Agyapong fires Tracey Boakye for sleeping with A Plus for free.

Meanwhile, in the video that spiralled this response, Kennedy alleged the sexual encounter with Tracey was for free.

Just give us a call

“You are there destroying good people. Even if he was not of any help to you when you were struggling in your dirty sleepers. Honestly, I’m disgusted. This Tracey Boakye was sleeping with A Plus. She even asked for some money from A Plus, but he never gave her”.

He further went on to say that she has no sense of shame for disgracing a former president after A Plus allegedly slept with her and refused to give any sort of financial support. According to the Assin Central legislator, an attempt to blackmail A Plus, hit the snag, after allegedly A Plus had told his wife about their amorous affair.

“Tracy Boakye arrived from Kumasi and after a sexual encounter with A Plus, he didn’t give you a dime. After you tried to blackmail him, he told you his wife is aware of our adulterous affair” He narrated.

Kennedy Agyapong Tracy Boakye
Reply from A Plus’ facebook page

However, A Plus replied in a facebook comment that indeed that happened, but it was about 10 years ago, hence there is nothing new and revealing about it.

Facebook Comments

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