I’m not a Dada Bee – Caroline Sampson

Contrary to thoughts that Caroline Sampson, former Miss Malaika contestant and Radio and TV presenter comes from an absolutely rich home, she has come out clear to debunk the notion carried out by her fans. She made this known on the Hitz Daybreak Show hosted by Andy Dosty.

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Caroline Simpson has denied claims that she is the daughter of a rich man, who in the Ghanaian parlance would mostly be referred to as “Dada Ba or Dada Bee”. She recounts her life as an average home girl, who had to work hard to get to the pinnacle of her career and social ladder. After she completed, Mfantseman Girls Senior High School, she struggled to enter the university because of some financial challenges. However, this did not deter her from entering the making it in life, though her struggle was nearly short lived after she got pregnant in her first year at the university. She therefore used the opportunity to express the real truth about her financial background.


“I’m not a dadabee. That is the general perception when you are a very beautiful girl. However, I come from a very humble home, we are not fabulously rich neither are we poor. My mom couldn’t further her education when she had me. She had me at 16.

Caroline went into oblivion in the entertainment industry as a result of some personal difficulties she faced over these past years. She was once a Miss Malaika pageant and known for the remake of Asem’s Pigallow and 4X4’s “Hotgirls.com”.



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