Julliet Asante bemoans the state of film industry in Ghana.

Ace film producer cum actress, Julliet Asante has bemoaned the state of the Film industry as it came out that Tyler Perry has acquired for himself an ultra modern edifice for productions. It was against this background that she quizzed if indeed the Ghana Film Industry could attract investors as it is.

“One man can do this for a State and country! Last year alone, Atlanta as a State made over $10 billion from film and now with this addition of Tyler’s Studios, plus all the other studios there, I can imagine the next numbers that will come out” she said. She is wondering if indeed commitment from political leaders concerning the industry is nothing but lip service.

She went further to ask herself some of the benefits that could be generated if the same attention and desire that industry players oversees put in the industry is also put in our industry.

“Imagine the people who will be employed down the value chain. Imagine the branding! The trending of the State alone even at this opening. Imagine the money that will flow into the State.

Ok, so we don’t have the major studios that South Africa and others have. Well, we don’t have the minor studios as well! But what can we do?” she quizzed.

At the closing of the Black Star International Film Festival, we asked for a few things to be done.

1) 30% tax rebate – the magic we need will not happen unless we up our game. No one will come to Ghana on a major level if we do not have tax rebates. We are joking! South Africa has almost 30-50%! Morocco over 28% now that is just Africa. I won’t even mention what other lesser endowed countries are doing. For Ghana to be considered as serious on our drive to make Ghana a film hub, this needs to happen!

2) We added our voice to the call to have a film authority. We have been asking for this for a long time. The Deputy Minister assured the industry at the opening of the festival that the film authority is right around the corner. We are still waiting!

So many have asked why this is needed? For one, who drives the goal of making Ghana a film hub? Whose responsibility is it? When a producer sets out to come to Ghana to do business, who do they contact and how do they get the right people? Who advocates and stands in for Ghana when the rest of the world is meeting and making strides? Remember that the Ghana Film Corporation was doing this perfectly until we sold it. REMEMBER?!

I was asked at Cannes Film Festival Cannes why Ghana wasn’t present when film commissioners around the continent were meeting to strategically position their markets?

And so we ask today:  Will Ghana take the needed steps to attract investments we need in film or is this the best we can do?!



Source: Julliet Asante

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