JUST IN: Ayisha Modi curses Obrafour after she was sued

Music entrepreneur, Ayisha Modi has reigned some invectives and rained curses on Ghanaian music legend, Obrafour.

Michael Kwabena Darko Elliot, popularly known as Obrafour sued Ayisha Modi, Deloris Frimpong Manso (Delay) and the production team of “Delay Show”. In a writ of summons filed on 27th October, Obrafour sued the due for a sum of GH 800,000.00 and demanded a retraction of some comments made by Aisha Modi on Delay’s show.

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After the writ of summons popped up on social media, Ayisha Modi reacted to it a few hours after the issue went viral. Ayisha Modi took to her social media page, Instagram to rain curses on Obrafour and reveal her next line of actions against Obrafour.

Aisha curses Obrafour
Ghanaian rap legend, Obrafour

In the Instagram post, she revealed that she had provided enormous help to Obrafour, hence she is ready to battle out Obrafour to show that indeed her claims that Obrafour is a cheat and ungrateful is true.

“2009, 11 years ago, you were literally begging me to assist you. When you travelled outside Ghana, I gave you a place to stay when your family abandoned you. I dare you to sue Delay and I that 800 million. I know you need money” she said in Twi.

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She, therefore, went ahead to also intimate that the amount of money in terms of damages that Obrafour is demanding is quite low, hence she is ready to hand over a whopping 3 billion Ghana cedis to him.

“The 800 million you are demanding is too small. I have realized you are hard-pressed for money. I would rather implore you to sue me for me 3 billion. Obrafour I am ready to fight you boot for boot with $1 billion dollars, to prove to the world that to know who you are and the evil in you” she said.

Ayisha Modi, therefore, went to curse Obrafour that the spirit of benevolence that touched her heart to support him, would punish him dearly since every activity in this world has its repercussions.

“The particular spirit that motivated me to assist you will forever punish you and not spare you its wrath. For everything has a price tag and no action or inaction goes without its repercussions. You reap what you sow. Good begets good and evil begets evil”.

The current lawsuit is against the background of an interview and some allegations made against Obrafour for which he put out a statement threatening to sue Ayisha Modi, if she doesn’t stop. This didn’t perturb the music producer, who went on social media to allegedly claim Obrafour is a cheat and a liar and made other allegations against him as she has just done.




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