Kofi Kinaata is the only hope for Highlife music – Asebu Amenfi

In the wake of a planned crowning of Kuami Eugene as the king of highlife among his generation by Amakye Dede, highlife legend, Asebu Amenfi also chooses Kofi Kinaata as the only hope for highlife music in Ghana.

On 18th May, 2019, Amakye Dede crowned Kuami Eugene as the next Highlife King of Ghana at the Vodafone Ghana Music Awards 2019.

Kinaata is the hope of Highlife

However, speaking on the Adadem show, a musical show that appreciates highlife music and legends every Wednesday evening from 8pm to 10pm on ATL FM, Aseibu Amenfi proclaimed Kinaata as the only hope for highlife music in ghana.

He further went on to explain that Kinnata is the only person doing real highlife music. He added that the “behind the scene” hit maker is a very clever, witty and smart young musician who understands the principles of highlife.

Asebu explaining his reasons for KInaata as the hope for Highlife on ATL FM

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 “I am not denigrating anyone. The fact is that today, the church does real highlife, however, if I come unto the Ghanaian scene, I would say Kofi Kinaata is the only hope for Highlife music. Kofi Kinnata, apart from being a good singer, is very smart, witty and lyrically conscious and these are the principles of Highlife” he reiterated. 

Kofi Kinaata is the only hope of highlife according to Asebu Amenfi.
Kofi Kinaata, Ghanaian Musician and Hope of Highlife music

Aseibu Amenfi told Kofi Konadu, host of the show, Fiko on ATL FM that he is not denigrating anyone but the truth is that with the presence of Kofi Kinaata; he (Asebu Amenfi) is of the strong view that highlife will continue to exist even though persons like Kuami Eugene and the others are doing their bid, Kofi Kinaata stands tall.

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“Well, I am not saying that the rest of the other guys doing highlife are not performing well. The truth is that highlife is not only about love songs and sexual innuendos. Highlife deals and talks about the struggles of life and how to deal with them. That is what pure highlife stands for, and if you listen to the plethora of songs being sang, you realize that Kofi Kinaata’s lyrics fit perfectly and that makes him stand tall above his colleagues” he added.

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The 67 year old legend, Asebu Amenfi, known in private as Kwabena Owusu also revealed that he has no personal vendetta against any political figure.

Hence, it would be a misrepresentation and absolute falsehood if people alleged that his songs were to critique former President Jerry John Rawlings.

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