KOHWE appeals for funds on radio

One of Ghana’s very own actors who has taken over the screens before is seeking some sort of support on radio, as life has had a toll on him.

Veteran actor, Kofi Laing, has made a passionate appeal to Ghanaians to show him love while he is still alive and not wait till his death.

According to Kohwe, in his days, the industry was not about money, but passion. He enumerated favoritism on the path of directors and producers as one of the reasons most of his mates hardly made money for themselves.

“In our days, the movie industry was not rewarding in monetary terms while the movie producers and directors also had their favorite actors so we couldn’t acquire any wealth despite our hard work,” he said.

Speaking in an interview on Adom FM’s Work and Happiness, Kohwe said majority of his colleagues suffered in silence and yet no one came to their plight, however, he would be forth coming and as a result is calling on all to show him love as he is alive.

“It is unfortunate that people will wait for you to die before they show love but I am pleading with them to do it for me now while I am still alive,” he said.

Candymann Lucas Mensah, Radio Presenter, DARLING 90.9 FM, Cape Coast

Regardless of an ongoing campaign by one of the Popular radio presenters in Cape Coast, Candymann to raise at least GHS 10, 000.00 for him, he also asked persons to send money into his personal momo.
He added: “I will appreciate your kind gesture no matter how small it may be in your eyes. You can send your support through my mobile money number, 0244437963.”

The brain behind Obama Music Awards now Central Music Awards, Candymann Lucas Mensah is actively engaging others on social media to assist raise GHS 10,000.00 to aid Mr. Kofi Laing.


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