Miliky Micool was neglected on her sickbed – Son reveals

Colleagues of actress, Beatrice Chinery, popularly known as ‘Miliky MiCool’ neglected her on her sickbed, one of her sons has said.

According to the actress’ son, only identified as Jewel, his mother, until her death in June 2020, had been sick for over a year but no industry player visited.

“She was on dialysis at the Korle Bu Teaching Hospital for some time due to kidney problems but after months of battling for her life, a herbal treatment was recommended and she started responding to treatment,” he told blogger Zionfelix.

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Jewel said the family was optimistic about her recovery because she got back into acting and shot some programmes.

Miliky Micool was neglected by fellow actors.

Jewel said his mother, along the line, began to speak about death and other weird things which he said scared the family.

He, however, said Akrobeto, the CEO of Miracle Films and a few actors have since visited to console the family following her demise.

‘Miliky MiCool’ died on Wednesday, June 10 at the Korle Bu Teaching Hospital.

According to the brother of the actress, Robert Chinery, the 53-year-old died of complications from high blood pressure. However, it is also clear from the account of her son that Miliky Micool was neglected.

The family of the late actress will hold her burial service on Saturday, July 11.

Miliki MiCool

The event will take place at the Chinery family house located at North Kaneshie.


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