Most of TEMA fraud guys are into music – Ayesem

Sensational rapper, Ayesem has revealed that most of the fraud boys in Tema are now into music.

Ayesem known in the private circles as Stephen Kwabena Siaw has alleged that most of the fraud boys are into music.

Explaining some of the verses of his song “Time Up” on Barrister Daniels, Entertainment Zone on ATL FM, he said that it is sometimes unfortunate to realize that very talented and hardworking underground artistes are not given the opportunities to shine.

Ayesem alleges that most fraud boys in Tema are into music.
Ayesem, Ghanaian Hip Pop musician

He went on to add that sometimes because of lack of finances, these artistes are unable to even promote their music or get the opportunity to show of their potentials, but there are a lot of fraud boys in the music industry who may not necessarily be talented are getting the hype because of their money.

“This song is a song I made to encourage underground artistes who realize they are far better than some main stream artistes but as a result of lack of funds, and support, their talents seem to be wasted. It is true that one may have talent, but if he is unable to get the push, he will still suffer. Unlike some other rappers especially most of these fraud boys who are into music, they use their money to create influence and push their music so they also seem legit in the industry”.

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Ayesem alleges fraud boys based in Tema are into music.

Furthermore, he added that some of these fraud boys are based in Tema and some use music making to cover up other clandestine fraud activities so it seems as if, the music has paved way for them, but in essence, it is the fraud money, that has been used to create opportunities for themselves and not necessarily their talent. 

“For instance, where I stay at Tema, I know a lot of boys who are into this fraud business, but would cover up with music to create the impression that they are making their monies out of the music they are engaged in.

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Although he failed to mention names when being asked to be specific, he alleged that this doesn’t happen only in Tema, but in majority of the big cities. He added by saying that “Time Up” was meant to inspire the underground artistes to keep pushing till they become successful and never give up.

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