My flow hasn’t changed, and I’m an open book – Reggie Rockstone

Ghanaian rap icon, Reggie Rockstone has indicated that nothing much has changed from his rap flow and he is still an open book.

Comparing his rap prowess, beat production, and flow when he was young and his current rap flow, the Hiplife Grand papa, Reggie Rockstone said that he hasn’t changed much when it comes to his flow, but the fundamentals are still the same.

In addition, he said that a little of humor and other styles have been added to make it a bit different and even resonate with the current generation.

Speaking on the Metromix show on ATL FM and monitored by, Reginald Osei Asante told host, Desmond Okraku Danso that obviously, because of the generation gap, the beat production has changed, but the old flow and sharpness in his rap style has been maintained.

Reggie Rockstone indicates his rap flow is still intact
Reggie ROckstone, Hiplife originator

“Times change so obviously the kind of music we were making back in the days has evolved. So being it that over the time things have changed. Music production will sound different, even the producers are younger and making different types of beat, but as far as the flow, the fundamentals are the same”.

He further mentioned that even though he is older he still relates with the other rap artistes from both generations, new school and old school.

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“ A little bit of humor, the flow is very intricate and most of all trying to make good music and this hasn’t changed much. First of all, it is in the African tradition to respect your elders, however, even thought I’m actually older than most of our rap legends, looking at Obrafour, Lord Kenya, Akyeame and the host of other rappers whom I was their big brother, being that I carry myself in such a fashion, people accord me that respect” he quipped.

He thus added he is not into ageism, but basically respects everyone, not lauding his age and experience over the young ones.


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