Okomfo Kwadee is not mad – Ras Caleb Appiah Levi reveals

Since 2013, Ghanaian rapper, Okomfo Kwadee has been going through tumultuous times. However, Ras Caleb Appiah Levi has revealed that Okomfo Kwadee is not mad. It is believed that Kwadee’s inability to fully recover is based on the exploitation of some industry players.

Ras Caleb Levi, the Greater Accra Chairperson for the Musicians Union of Ghana, (MUSIGA) has listed names of some persons behind Kwadee’s seeming downfall. According to Ras Caleb, some industry players are coercing him into smoking weed to enable him to record music.

In 2018, Okomfo Kwadee’s mother came out to dispute lots of accusations made against her by Kwadee. Jerry Anaba, popularly called Okomfo Kwadee alleged her mum wants to seize his property.

Reacting to the issue, she revealed that music producers, Kwik Action and one Obunskele are rather to be blamed.

Okomfo Kwadee is not mad says Ras Caleb.
Ras Caleb Appiah Levi, Greater Accra MUSIGA President

Okomfo Kwadee is not mad; Blame Obunskele for Kwadee’s incessant Weed smoking at rehab.

She also stated categorically that these persons have exploited her son. Furthermore, she added that they whisked her son from the rehab centre and exploited him.

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It is therefore not a surprise that Ras Caleb Levi has revealed that Obunskele and other cronies of Okomfo Kwadee, are the perpetrators. He also added that they give him a lot of weed to smoke as they took him away from the rehab centre, Willing Way Foundation, at Kumasi.

Speaking on the Entertainment Review show, he explained that Obunskele is exploiting and negatively influencing him. He told Akwasi Aboagye, host of the show that Obunskele makes Kwadee smokes weed.

“Okomfo Kwadee is not mad, it is we who have made him mad. Some people in the industry must be blamed for it. Currently, as we speak, Okomfo Kwadee is at the Willing Way Foundation at Kumasi where he is under rehab for detoxification” he revealed.

Moreover, he also mentioned that he used to visit Kwadee often, but he bemoaned the activities of Obunskele and others.

“I often visited him a lot before he was taken out by these same friends, whom I will mention his name because it is not a secret. It is people like Obunskele who are behind this”.

“When Mama Lydia sent him there for the first time, these same people were interrupting his progress, because they will go and take him out of the home and go and exploit him” he stated.

Furthermore, he called on President Akufo Addo to support Okomfo Kwadee, before he perishes.

Kwadee is an asset. Obunskele influencing him negatively.

“Kwadee is an asset for the creative industry. I’m imploring the Asantehene, whom Kwadee did a song for his education fund, and President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo- Addo to help him” he pleaded.

Honouring a meeting once at Obunskele’s place around Kwabenya, I felt so sorry for Kwadee. When I entered his premises, there were some guys who were smoking weed over there. Kwadee popped out with a belt in his hand, bare-chested and having no underwear at all. He looked miserable” he added.

In recent times, a sordid looking Kwadee picture popped up causing lots of worry among his fans.


SOURCE: Obcommunication.com

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